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October 20 2008 to October 26 2008

Monday October 20

When dramatic comets are visible, night after night, they are generally held to be telling us about a wave of long-lasting change. Back in 1892, Comet Holmes erupted, heralding the worst economic crisis the USA had ever known. The 'Panic of 1893' was triggered by a problem with the financing of railroads. This led to a credit crunch, a stock market crash and the collapse of several banks. By 1896, though, news from the Klondike created a Gold Rush followed by a tremendous ten-year boom. Late last year, for the first time since 1892, Comet Holmes erupted again.

Tuesday October 21
Into infinity...

Dear Jonathan,
Much is spoken of a new energy sweeping Earth. Will there be a single moment of quantum awakening? In this moment, will the smallest interval of time - the interval that occurs in every atom between each of its billions of oscillations per second, be lengthened into infinity? Will some experience these moments as minutes, others as a lifetime? Will subconscious orientation in fear be replaced by conscious orientation in love?

Dear Stephen,
Er... I think so. Or at least, I hope I think so. Maybe, I just think I hope so. Sorry. What was the question again?

Wednesday October 22
Radical Solutions

Hi Jonathan,
Seas are rising, ice-caps melting and the world, having run out of fuel, now seems to be running out of money. If we are on the edge of a disaster, must we passively wait for a new era? Surely we should take action?

Hi Jonathan,
Perhaps the financial crisis will help us address the problem of greed. As a global community we should put a limit on what any one person or organisation can call their own?

Dear Paul and Meredith,
Expect many 'radical new solutions' to rise in popularity over the coming months.

Thursday October 23
Overcome that urge...

Dear Jonathan,
Can we talk twins again? My sister and I were born minutes apart. We both emigrated to Australia, we each have a seven-year-old son, and three-year-old daughter. Life has always been easier for my sister. And weirdly, the addresses, numbers and dates in my world contain double letters or digits. Everything is doubled, including me!

Dear Jemma,
When tiny, twins divide their personality traits to strengthen a sense of individuality. Somehow, she got 'lucky', you got 'struggler'. Now you each act according to your expectations. Overcome that urge to be different. You're entitled to an easy life too.

Friday October 24
Secret Law and Order of Cosmic Attraction

Hello Jonathan,
Do you practise the Law Of Attraction? I can't help but feel, from your forecasts, that you must.

Dear Milo,
Some call it the Law Of Attraction. Others call it The Secret. In some quarters it's known as Cosmic Ordering (I wrote a book about that not so long ago). Whatever it is, it's not complicated. Relax. Ask the cosmos to give you the help you need... and ask it too, to help you be open-minded enough to recognise that help when it's on offer. Otherwise you'll end up with what you think you want!

Saturday October 25
Your Week Ahead

We begin the week in 'the dark of a New Moon' and move on towards Hallowe'en. These dark nights are traditionally known as the 'ancestor times', evenings when the living may commune with those who live no longer. They have long been believed to be the most magical evenings of the year. The veil between the realms supposedly grows flimsy at the end of each October - and it's not just ghost detectives who will be busier than ever this week. It's all psychics, intuitives, telepaths and clairvoyants. If your intuition is trying to tell you something... pay heed!

Sunday October 26
Sunday focus

Madonna and I have quite a bit in common. For one thing, we're about the same age and for another, well... this is a bit secret, but I suppose it's all right to tell you... we both visit the same charity shop. There. I knew you'd be shocked. Mind you, I've got a reason. It sells coffee near the studio where I record your spoken forecasts when I visit London. Quite why a woman worth 300 million needs to rummage through the bric-a-brac is more of a mystery. Perhaps I'll ask her, next time I see her. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just cast her horoscope and draw my own conclusions. No point in upsetting a woman who can punch harder than Joe Calzaghe. Joe by the way, is an Aries. I quite fancy his chances against Aquarian Roy Jones Jr next month in New York.
Madonna, though, is a Leo and Guy is a Virgo. If that turns into a proper fight, nobody will win. But according to their horoscopes, these two have actually had a 'meaningful relationship' based on real respect and understanding. The lawyers, once they get to work, will deepen the divide, but Lourdes, Rocco and David may yet help them find a way to bridge it.

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