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October 27 2008 to November 2 2008

Monday October 27
Financial ethics...

Dear Jonathan,
About these people who just make money from money by moving debt around. Now almost every nation has its own sophisticated financial markets, are there any mugs left? And are we about to develop a global code of financial ethics?

Dear Doug,
Yes to your second question. The process has begun and will slowly, dramatically change the world for the better. But as long as ordinary citizens assume governments, banks and businesses are making wise financial decisions that they have neither the right, knowledge nor power to question... there will always be plenty of mugs left!

Tuesday October 28
Dark of the Moon

Halloween does not take place till Friday, but the veil between the worlds is already growing flimsy. We have entered the Dark of the Moon. Traditionally, such times are powerful and poignant. Emotions run high, instincts run deep. We feel the spirits of our ancestors stir within us and our inner passion intensify. There may or may not be real spooks, spectres, ghosts and ghouls, but there are scary monsters within every psyche. Whatever sign you are, whatever shape your current challenge takes, be strong. Now is a perfect time to face and conquer some of your inner demons.

Wednesday October 29
Race for the Dolls House

Dear Jonathan,
Later this year for the first time in many moons, all the planets will be 'direct'. What will this mean? LaVonne

Dear LaVonne,
Whenever no planets are retrograde we can expect a time of rapid progress. We've had a lot of problems lately. We can soon look forward to a lot of inspiring solutions.

Dear Jonathan,
We Americans are in the home stretch of a hotly contested election. While we argue about what might or might not be, what was Sarah Palin's role in all of this? Will we have seen the last of her? Michele

Dear Michele,

Thursday October 30
On the trail of Comets

Comet Holmes appeared in our sky late last year as a glowing star surrounded by a wide circle of light. I remember remarking that it looked larger (though not brighter) than the Sun. Comet Holmes passes through our solar system every six years, but normally, we hardly even notice. It erupted into a great display once before, though, in November 1892, just months before the Panic of 1893. Back in 1720 there was another financial panic when the 'South Sea Bubble' burst. I can now confirm that in 1718 a 'bright comet with wide diameter' was visible across Europe.

Friday October 31
The Living Dead

It's Hallowe'en, the eve of All Hallows' day and, traditionally, the time when whispering will-o'-the-wisps and secretive spirits make themselves heard and seen. Interestingly, this once sombre festival has become a joyous celebration of all things dark and dodgy. Werewolves, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, spooks and spectres are all, allegedly about to walk abroad. And is it really a time when you can expect to encounter a vampire? Well, that depends, probably, on if you know any hedgefund managers!

Saturday November 1
Your Month Ahead

This month, Spaceship Earth sails serenely through the part of the sky that is thick with cosmic debris. For a few days, around the middle of the month, we'll be passing so many lumps of random rock that they'll start to burn up in our atmosphere, creating a shower of shooting stars. These particular meteors are called the Leonids. We travel into them every year but for various, mind bogglingly technical reasons, our sky sometimes fills up with streaking fireballs... while sometimes we just see a few. Even if you just see one in November, make a wish on it. It may just come true.

Sunday November 2
Sunday Celebrity

I met the Beckhams once. It was while I was writing for an English newspaper. The publication had just been taken over and the new owner was giving the couple a guided tour of his new building.

Newspaper journalists, I should explain, are cool customers. They don't look up from their screens for anything other than a fire alarm. Dave and Vicky, though, caused a stir. Or should I call them Becks and Posh. Or Taurus and Aries?

It was like getting a visit from Royalty. Even the hard-nosed hacks stood to attention. David, rather like Prince Philip, shuffled along quietly, a few paces behind, while his wife regally greeted the troops. When it came to my turn, I went all wobbly and saw a vision of their future that was both fascinating... and dull.

Later, I checked their charts. It's all there, too. Forget those gossip columns, alleged affairs, dodgy documentaries, and even the naughty new neighbours in Milan. These two will be together forever, long after he's stopped playing away... and that group of hers has had to be renamed the Spice Crones.

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