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November 3 2008 to November 9 2008

Monday November 3
Spin the Yin

Dear Jonathan,
When you predicted the next president you said it was because you foresaw a stronger 'female' influence coming to America. Americans now seem to be rejecting the yang (masculine) principles of the Republicans and embracing the yin (feminine) Democrats. Hillary Clinton may be female but she is very 'yang'. Obama is a very 'yin' man. You weren't really so far off the mark after all. Scott

Dear Scott,
I have actually made a lot of accurate predictions this year, but in January I dropped one large clanger. Your letter kindly places an inventive spin on it. Thank you!

Tuesday November 4
Void of Course

Dear Jonathan,
The Moon is 'Void Of Course' all day. How will that affect the American election? Tatty

Dear Tatty,
One in a series of rare oppositions between Saturn and Uranus becomes exact today, too! And you're right. After the Moon's early morning aspects, it makes no further alignment to another celestial body until it enters Aquarius at midnight. According to tradition, 'nothing will come' of events undertaken in such conditions. Time zone adjustments give us a void moon all day for the East coast... but not the West. This won't deny Obama his victory, but it suggests trouble ahead.

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Wednesday November 5
A New President

Are we really seeing the result of the US election? Or has the Large Hadron Collider secretly spirited us into a parallel universe? Maybe there's a different world, just the other side of the nearest mirror, where everything is the same apart from one factor: a different president! It certainly seems hard to accept that, after so much hoping, dreaming and striving against all odds, a day like this is really dawning. We can expect more events soon that beggar belief or cause us to feel that nothing will ever be quite the same again. Welcome to the future.

Thursday November 6
The Light and the Shadow

They say, 'The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.' Barack Obama's election is a very bright light. Millions are now feeling the same unease. It is, though, a concern, not a premonition - and in that, there's hope. The future is only ever written in pencil. Until the moment when the ink of tomorrow meets the paper of today, there's a chance to change the picture. As of yesterday, Barack Obama's future became irrevocably intertwined with the collective destiny of billions. Not a single star in the sky we share says the shadow now must take one particular shape.

Friday November 7
Propitious Planets

Officially, Barack Obama does not become president until his inauguration on January 20. Prominent planets then will include Jupiter (hope) and Mercury (commerce). Interestingly, when George Bush first took office, the sky was dominated by Mars (war). Or perhaps you think the deal was sealed the moment the polls closed. If so, you may care to know that in Bhutan, a 28-year-old prince has been waiting two years for his astrologers to deem it a propitious time for a new leader to take office. When they saw the outlook for this week, they finally gave their go-ahead.

Saturday November 8
Your Week Ahead

Look at the Moon. Watch it grow full this week in the sign of Taurus. Next week, you will be able to see it wane once more. Look at the weather. What season are we in? Despite global warming, we still live in a world with a very distinct cyclic rhythm. Go down to the sea. Watch the tide. It comes in, it goes out. Nobody panics. If an economic tide is now rolling out, it will soon be rolling back in again. No problem in this world is 'forever'. The minute we begin to recognise the transient nature of any difficulty, we begin to develop a strategy for coping with it.

Sunday November 9
Sunday Celebrity

Back in the Seventies, Hasbro launched a little toy on a rounded base that flipped back up, no matter how you tried to knock it over. Known as a Weeble, it was advertised around the world with the song, 'Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.'

By the early Eighties, every kid had one. You could even get celebrity Weebles: Winnie The Pooh. Or Cookie Monster. It's a safe bet that a little girl called Britney got one, probably some time after her family moved from Mississippi to Louisiana, where she dreamed of being a gymnast and took her first dance classes at the age of five. Probably, though, if Britney had a Weeble, she'd have felt an empathy for it. She's a Sagittarian and all born under this sign know what it's like to bounce right back, no matter how hard life hits them. Some, indeed, get so good at bouncing back, they start falling over on purpose, just to see if they can recover. Not that Britney is entirely typical of her Sun sign. She has the Moon in Aquarius. That's good for 'emotional detachment'. It lets you switch your feelings off when they're getting too intense... though it also tends to be a reason why when they do finally come out, they erupt like a volcano.

I know about her Aquarian Moon because I know her time of birth. And I know that because her mum told it to my friend Barry who runs Equinox, the astrology shop in central London. One afternoon a few years back, Britney, her mum and her sister Jamie Lynn all came to Barry's store to get their computer charts cast. Barry says she looked even more beautiful, as she stood behind his counter, than she does in her pictures. No doubt Britney's horoscope warned her of a tough time ahead. No doubt she ignored it. Certainly she didn't get into an in-depth reading of her past, present and future. Nor alas, are we going to do that here... other than to say that her horoscope speaks of a very intense childhood. By this, I don't just mean a lot of effort performing for the camera. Something happened to or around her that she still has not processed. All that money and success has not helped her deal with that. And whatever it was, it has left her so scarred that she can't even cope with the magic of motherhood. That's deep damage. The planets, what's more, tell us her emotional roller coaster ride is not yet over. She's going to need professional help from a good analyst or counsellor before she can properly heal her wound. But, for what little comfort it brings, her career is quite safe. And actually, the worst of her recent journey through life's dark side is over.

Even if she wobbles and weebles more in the next couple of years, Britney won't ever fall so far down again!

Birth Chart

Name: Britney Spears
Date: 02 December 1981
Time of Birth (Local): 01:30:00
Place: McComb, Mississippi
GMT Time (Adjusted): 02 December 1981 07:30:00

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