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November 10 2008 to November 16 2008

Monday November 10
Writing on the Wall

In Washington, there's a wall, fast filling up with messages to Obama from people urging him to prioritise peace, protect the environment and help heal a wounded world. Will he ever have time to read them? One topic on which he's now hearing plenty is 'security'. A complex operation to keep his family safe must begin immediately - and though he's not yet President, he's already being treated to a full secret digest of the global issues that America's intelligence agencies see as serious threats. Let's pray he's got some inspiring input to counterbalance this daily diet of disquiet.

Tuesday November 11
Fifth Night

As the Moon grows Full, we're nearing the end of the Fifth Night of the Mayan calendar. According to this Central American tradition, the Sixth Day will commence on Thursday and will bring a new era, during which people rapidly become more creative, individualistic and clear minded. If that sounds unlikely, given that we're seemingly heading for recession, the Mayans have an explanation. The downturn was a side-effect of the Fifth Night which began in 2006. Some even predicted that it would cause a collapse of Western economic systems. By their reckoning, we're over the worst of this.

Wednesday November 12
Full Moon in Taurus

Tonight's is no ordinary Full Moon. But then no Full Moon is ever ordinary. We are lucky if we see as many as a thousand in the course of our lifetime. They are magical milestones; heavenly marker points on our personal journey through time and space. Each Full Moon takes place in the opposite sign to the Sun. As the Sun is currently in Scorpio, this Full Moon is in Taurus. Technically and officially, it will be exactly Full just before it sets below the horizon at sunrise in Europe or just as it rises at sunset tomorrow in Australia. When you see it, give it a wave and make a wish.

Thursday November 13
21 Today...

The Sun, today, is at 21 degrees of Scorpio. The Moon, therefore, was full this morning at 21 degrees of Scorpio's opposite sign: Taurus. Neptune is currently at 21 degrees of Aquarius. This morning it formed a right angle to the Full Moon. We call this a 'T-square' or half a cross. To make it a full cross, you'd need a planet at 21 degrees of Leo. Nothing is there right now... though people born around August 13 (in any year) have the Sun at that currently 'empty' degree. Their charts turn the T-square into a cross. That's powerful.

Friday November 14
Predicting the Future

I have started to take a look at 2009. This is earlier than I have ever compiled a full set of yearly predictions. It's always strange to see what's due to happen before it's actually there in the sky. Like reading a menu or consulting a TV guide, you get a sense of what to expect, but you also know the reality will have an edge you can never anticipate. What I can see of next year, though, I like. The further into this weekend we get, by the way, the more chance we have of seeing shooting stars.

Saturday November 15
Your Week Ahead

Mars, the power planet, moves into Sagittarius, the ultimate sign of optimism. It will remain in this sector of the sky till Boxing Day. That's just one of several reasons why I am not so sure that the run up to Christmas will be quite as quiet as many people now seem to expect. We're all being told to prepare for more bad news on the economic front but ordinary people, all over the planet, are actually in a very hopeful mood. They see a new president of the USA and a new vision of a better future in the minds of millions. The 'downturn' may yet turn again, sooner than many seem to think.

Sunday November 16
Celebrity Sunday

"Jonathan," said Michael, the editor of one of the magazines I write for, "can you cast a horoscope for Peaches Geldof." I said I would, and soon worked out that she is an idealistic Piscean with the Moon in comfort-seeking Cancer. And she has a strong Mars Jupiter conjunction blessing her with great energy and impetuosity.

Like Sir Bob, I have a Piscean daughter who was wild at 19... and I have the grey hairs to prove it. But what time was Peaches born? Where's her 'rising sign?' I can't find this out. And Max Drummey, the man she married? He's another mystery. Nobody knows his birthday.

As I sat at my desk, wondering what to do about this, I went into a dream. The mist descended - and through it I saw an elderly lady, surrounded by grandchildren.

"Tell us about your madcap marriage Granny Peaches," the kids implored.

She pulled her shawl around her shoulders, sat back in her hover-rocker and said, "Well, I was only 19 and Chester French were not the rock gods they are now. When I married Max on the spur of the moment, the blogs went crazy. They said it would lead to a divorce. Great Grandpa Bob went bananas."

"Blogs Gran?", one of the boys cried out. "Were you alive when they still had those?"

"Oh yes. Everyone and their mother had a website back then. That reminds me, where's my Mum's latest blog-from-beyond?"

With that, she pushed a button and a shimmering hologram filled the room. It was Paula, as blonde and sassy as we all remembered her.

"Hi Peaches... and all my truly great grandkids. I'm having a fine time here in the afterlife. And Peaches, you and Max were right. That Aleister Crowley is a fascinating fellow. It took me a few decades to track him down (time and space work differently when you're merged with the infinite), but he's been teaching me how to cast spells and read horoscopes. He could tell that Jonathan Cainer what time you were born if you like..."

As the reincarnation machine whirred on I felt like a fly on a wall that I wasn't supposed to be anywhere near. Out of the corner of my mind's eye, I saw a headline on a screen. It read "Chester French To Play Charity Concert For World's Hungry." I thought how nice it was for Peaches that her new husband had eventually followed in her father's footsteps. One of the grandchildren was asking Peaches a question.

"So, did you and Grandpa Max divorce?" asked one of the grandchildren.

"Hey," said Peaches. "What's marriage got to do with love?"

Then, I woke up. But they say that Nostradamus made all his best predictions while in a deep trance. So I'm sticking with this vision of the future. Maybe it makes more sense than any of us know.

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