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November 17 2008 to November 23 2008

Monday November 17
Photoheist or Poltergeist?

The other day, my 12-year-old nephew Nathan had a strange experience. As he went to bed, he put his mobile phone on the table. Next morning, there was a photo on the screen. It was him, asleep, hands by his head. Nobody else in the house would have known how to use his phone. So what was it? A practical joke? A poltergeist? Or did he manage in his sleep to make the phone levitate and control it with his mind? Nathan doesn't want to think about it any more. He says, 'it is doing my head in'. Any comments?

Tuesday November 18
Candid Camera

Yesterday, I spoke about my nephew, Nathan. Apparently, his phone took photos of him whilst he was asleep, all by itself. Here are some comments:

Dear Jonathan,
Maybe Nathan used his powers of telekinesis to take that photo of himself on his mobile phone. Ian

Perhaps Nathan had an out of body experience and photographed himself sleeping in an attempt to remind himself! Debbie

Was it Nathan's guardian angel, letting him know he is watched over while asleep? Carolyn

A similar thing happened when I was on vacation. My camera was on the table at bedtime. Next day the photos had been used up. When I had the roll developed, there were 15 photos I had not taken. Loretta

Wednesday November 19
More on Nate's Fate

I have a simple explanation for the photograph of himself asleep, that your nephew found on his phone when he woke up. His hand accidentally touched the mobile activating the 'capture image' feature. During the two-second delay between hitting the button and the camera working, he moved his hand back to his head. Kaitki

Dear Kaitki,
Several people have offered logical assessments. In my experience, though, all 'mysterious forces' are bound by a kind of cosmic code of practice. This obliges spectres and spirits never to influence an event unless their intervention can later be explained away by someone very sensible!

Thursday November 20
A sole descends from heaven

Hi Jonathan,
I came home from with my shoes soaked, fretting because I had no other 'good' shoes to wear to work next morning. When I walked in the door, I noticed a shoebox on the floor with the top taken off, revealing new shoes I had totally forgotten that I owned! When I lifted up one of the shoes, in the bottom of the box was a shiny penny 'from heaven. There is no logical explanation how the box lid came off, or how a penny got in the box under the shoe. And I wasn't asleep!

Friday November 21
The Camera Never Lies?

Dear Jonathan,
At night, in my hotel room, I put my camera, with 15 pictures left on the roll, by the window. Next day all the photos had been used up. When I had the roll developed, there were 15 shots taken from what could only be the window of the building opposite. Loretta

Hi Jonathan,
Years ago myself and three friends were invited into a home where none of us knew the occupants. We found a camera on the table and took a picture of ourselves. We giggled wondering what they thought when their film was processed! Abigail

Saturday November 22
Your Week Ahead

Uranus changes direction later this week. For the first time in a long while, not a single planet will be 'retrograde'. Add that to the 'quickening' process, much spoken of by mystics, the dawning of an era known as the 'Sixth Day' in the Mayan Calendar and a historic new president of the USA. It all forms a picture of rapid, positive change. How can that fit with a loss of momentum for commerce and a loss of prosperity for millions? It can't! The outgoing economic tide will turn almost as soon as it touches the horizon. Those who fear much worse trouble ahead are looking in the wrong direction. It's behind us!

Sunday November 23
Celebrity Sunday

Poor Kelly Osbourne. She's not exactly been lucky in love so far and nor, at 24, is she exactly past it.... but suddenly she's a cradle snatcher with boyfriend Luke Worrall, who won't turn 19 until Boxing Day.

Until Boxing Day? Then he's a Capricorn! Capricorns are famously old for their age. And she's a Scorpio. Scorpios care so much about everyone and everything, they end up discovering that the only way to cope is to act as if they couldn't care less. Will this last? Why not? Will it be happy? Of course. Will Luke and Kelly have a 'normal' wedding? No. Nothing about either of them is normal. But then, why should they care about that?

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