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November 24 2008 to November 30 2008

Monday November 24

Dear Jonathan,
I have a feeling that the current economic crisis, the Hadron Collider and the Mayan Calendar are tied in some way but I have no idea what I mean by that. Is something big going to happen in the next few years?

Dear Gina,
I think they're connected too. And never mind 'going to happen', something big is happening now!

Dear Jonathan,
A friend recently told me both World wars began at a time of economic downturn. Are we in danger, do you think? Sue

Dear Sue,
The only thing we are in danger of is losing faith.

Tuesday November 25

Hi Jonathan, Further to your recent story about your nephew's mystery mobile phone photograph, I was recently told by a psychic that our spirit 'guides' find it easiest to reach us through electricals, mobile phones, computers and the like. I had been complaining that my light bulbs 'pop' frequently. I seem to get through dozens. She said this is typical - they also play tricks like switching on your electric kettle and messing with your mobile phone. Wouldn't it be nice if they learned how to send us text messages? Linda

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Wednesday November 26

Hi Jonathan,
Just wondering...the days and dates for November this year are the same as five years ago. Are there similarities in the sky? Sarah

Hi Sarah,
You're right to think astrologers look for pattern repetition, but the ones we study involve planetary alignments, not days of the week. Right now, for example, we've got Mars in Sagittarius for the first time since January 2007 - coinciding with the first opposition between Saturn and Uranus since 1965. There's never an exact repetition of a previous planetary picture, so we're always dealing with combinations we are only partly familiar with.

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Thursday November 27
New Moon

What's a New Moon? To some, it is the time when there's no moon to be seen in the sky. Mystics call this the 'Dark of the Moon'. To others, a New Moon is the first tiny sliver of light to appear after the monthly lunar disappearance. That won't be visible till the weekend. But now, the Sun and Moon are rising and setting at much the same moment, in the same sector of the sky. The heavens are dark, stars are more easily seen, tides are rising, fertility rates increasing and many are becoming more withdrawn or sensitive.

Friday November 28

We are still in the Dark of The Moon. Hence that strange sense of '?' we can feel in the air. Many are trying to carry on as normal. That's brave of them. Still, though, if you scratch the surface of any situation you'll find someone, somwhere, trying to find the words to express a sense of '?'. Creative people like times like this because they can convert '?' into plays, poems, pictures and pieces of music. Mystics find it helpful for answering questions about the future. The rest of us should be careful this weekend. '?' has a way of turning into '!'.

Saturday November 29
Your Month Ahead

December brings the Solstice - an ancient festival held to celebrate the moment when the sun reaches its furthest rising point along the horizon. For folk who don't take those old traditions so seriously... it's the holidays. These should not be taken too seriously either. For many, the attempt to create a 'Hollywood holiday' creates great stress; too much to do, too many people to please, too many gifts to get, too much temptation to overindulge; plus lost loved ones to miss. The planets insist, though, it is still possible to have a joyous month. Here's wishing you support in attaining that!

Sunday November 30
Celebrity Sunday

Folk are surprised to learn that Katie Price is a Gemini. Her date of birth suggests she could be a Taurus. Her image suggests a larger than life Leo. Geminis, we are told, are thinkers, talkers, readers and writers and there's nothing naturally 'sexy' about them. But when Geminis make up their mind to do or 'be' something, they approach it like solving a puzzle! So, when a Gemini 'switches on' the sex appeal, they switch it all the way on. The result is a Joan Collins (Gemini) a Marilyn Monroe (Gemini) ... or a Jordan! Peter Andre is a romantic Piscean. Happily, he loves Katie, not Jordan! This is a real relationship with a real future. The two, we hear, are now looking to adopt a disabled child. That's not because they want publicity or for people to think well of them, it's because they're a truly nice couple, wanting to do some real good.

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