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December 1 2008 to December 7 2008

Monday December 1
Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow

Does Christmas really come around far too fast? Or is this just a side-effect of what some call the 'Quickening', a process by which we all seem to be leading life a little faster as we approach 2012. It's a well known fact that the older you get, the more time seems to zip by. Even some surprisingly young people, though, are now reporting a great 'speeding up' of their lives. If that is really happening, what can we do about it? Various people I have asked suggest, 'practice meditation', 'eat slowly' or 'get yourself stuck in more traffic jams'.

Tuesday December 2
Good Fortune and Prosperity?

Those two bright lights, so close to the Moon last night, were Venus and Jupiter. Their rare sunset spectacle does not, on its own, signify the end of the credit crunch. The pessimism genie has been let out of the bottle and it may take some months before enough optimists team up to chase it back in. Still, we should be encouraged by the planets of prosperity and good fortune aligning so closely this close to Christmas. It augurs well for a fruitful festive season a New Year, with a new President, pursuing new policies from which many benefit.

Wednesday December 3
Hope Springs Eternal

Dear Jonathan,
Your forecasts often speak about things not being as bad as they appear and how there's always the prospect of a turnaround. I find them most encouraging. But incidents such as the recent massacre in Mumbai seem to belie this. How can one reconcile such stark realities with your message of hope? Nalini.

Dear Nalini,
What if you or I had been in Mumbai on that fateful day? I'd like to think a positive expectation would have helped us to handle whatever we faced. In that spirit, I strive to see the brighter side of all astrological influences.

Thursday December 4

Despite the twinkling lights and the seasonal tinsel many people seem to be suffering from dampened spirits and clouded minds. As all expert economists will testify, an economic downturn is, effectively, a mass hallucination. It’s just a negative frame of mind that spreads like a virus. Between now and December 15, we will continue to face a harsh cosmic climate. While Mars forms a T-square to the Saturn/Uranus opposition, it may even seem as if there ‘ain’t no cure for the glummer time blues’. But there is. And over the holidays, millions will begin to find it!

Friday December 5
Mutable Cross

While preparing my latest set of spoken predictions, I kept staring in amazement at next week’s Full Moon. One week from today, the Moon will be directly opposite Mars. Mars, in turn, will form a right angle to Uranus which is opposite Saturn. Think of the zodiac as a clock face. The Sun and Mars are at 6. Uranus is at 3. Saturn is at 9. Next Friday, the Moon turns full as it reaches 12. This is what we call a mutable cross. It is potent, intense and bodes wonderfully well for all who wish to create change!

Saturday December 6
Your Week Ahead

What a shame that, due to the credit crunch and all that, Christmas has had to be cancelled. The planets were looking sweetly set to bring festive joy to millions. They had an agenda to foster a mood of inspired anticipation and create a climate full of respect between people who are normally in conflict. But if there’s no money to shop with... er... then surely, there’s even more reason to hold a festival where what's in the heart counts for more than what’s in the wrapping paper! This week, thanks to Venus and Mars, we all come a little closer to hope.

Sunday December 7
Celebrity Sunday

In 2008, Kerry Katona has been bankrupted, burgled and badmouthed - though she’s also had a beautiful baby and hung on to her advertising contract with Iceland. Kerry’s life may seem up in the air, but she’s a down to earth Virgo. Late in 2009 she has her Saturn return. That happens to us all, once every 29 years or so. It’s when Saturn returns to the same part of the sky it occupied on the day we were born. Each year, the Sun does something similar. The ‘Solar Return’ is why we say ‘Many happy returns’ on our birthdays, Usually, Solar Returns ARE happy. Saturn Returns tend to bring chickens home to roost and force brave choices. They cause us to question commitments and make new ones based on a deeper understanding of what we value. Will Kerry lose her house? Not unless that’s part of her secret plan to move life on. What she won’t lose, though, are her marbles! Kerry’s a clever cookie and her stock in the world of showbiz is about to start rising!

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