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January 28 2008 to February 3 2008

Monday January 28
Pluto in Capricorn

We were told that before the end of January, an asteroid might collide with Mars. Now, instead, Earth is due a near miss... tomorrow! Last Monday, recession was inevitable and Hillary Clinton was winning... By Saturday, recession was vanquished and Hillary was losing... And today? Nothing would surprise any of us. Over the weekend, Pluto moved back into Capricorn where it will now remain till 2024. Pluto has had its own share of fluctuating fortune. It got downgraded last year. But it remains powerful. This latest development may set us spinning even faster.

Tuesday January 29
Pluto's pattern

When Pluto was discovered, in 1930, it was in Cancer. A new chemical element was isolated around the same time and was soon named Plutonium after the new planet. Pluto has a slow, distant orbit. It didn't enter Leo till 1939 and it was 1957/8 before it reached Virgo. The 'Pluto in Libra' era began in 1971 and Pluto's sojourn in Scorpio went from 1983/4 till 1995. From then till last weekend, it was (mainly) in Sagittarius. Look back over these years at the changing fears that have hung over us and you may spot a pattern.

Wednesday January 30
Under the influence

Does a planet have influence before it is discovered? Most astrologers say no. We don't, after all, claim that distant objects like Pluto have a physical impact. We simply see them as symbolising a new 'spirit of the age'. A changed expectation, simultaneously arising in the minds of millions. The Wall Street Crash, in October 1929, did not instantly cause a 'Great Depression' to spread around the world. Indeed, stocks were rallying nicely in February 1930, when Pluto was found, and were still high in May 1930, when Pluto was officially announced. But, then, the long, slow slide began.

Thursday January 31
When Pluto was in Cancer...

We spoke, yesterday, about Pluto's influence between 1930 and 1939. The discovery of Plutonium. The great depression. Gathering war clouds. Nationalism. All appropriate for a planet named after the Lord of the Underworld, wreaking havoc in a part of the sky that traditionally governs safety, shelter and security. Cancer is the sign of home and family. Domestic bliss in 'positive' form. And in negative? Locked doors, closed borders, retreat into fear, descent into pessimism and eventual emergence of explosive, devastating anger. From roughly 1939-57, though, Pluto was in Leo. Tomorrow, we'll look at how that shaped the world.

Friday February 1
Venus-Jupiter conjunction

Yesterday, I promised more about Pluto and the fears that gripped the 20th Century. Would you mind if we held this over till next week? I need to point out this weekend's glorious conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. It's worth getting up an hour before dawn. Or at least, setting your alarm, looking east... then snuggling back into bed. Even if you don't see it, you'll feel the influence. This heavenly meeting bodes well for all who hope to generate prosperity, tap into a creative flow, overcome conflict, surf the sea of serendipity... or fill their lives with love!

Saturday February 2
Your Weekend

It's a leap year. That, though, is not what makes this month so special. It's more the fact that, this year, February also happens to bring a pair of eclipses*. Both will have their impact on our lives... and hearts. If there's something wrong in your love life, it will get set right soon. And if there's something you want to preserve and protect... well, if the reasons are right, that too may be attainable.

*Annular Solar Eclipse, February 6/7.
Visible from a wide track, that traverses Antarctica and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. A partial eclipse will be seen in the southeastern third of Australia, all of New Zealand and most of Antarctica.

*Total Lunar Eclipse, February 20/21.
Visible throughout South America and most of North America, western Europe and northwest Africa. None of this eclipse is visible from eastern Asia or Australia.

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