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December 15 2008 to December 21 2008

Monday December 15
Grand Cross Over

The Grand Cross has been and gone. So far, there have been no historic disasters. But, then, while most astrological alignments exert a powerful influence as they are building up, events of this kind are omens: signs of what to expect in the weeks that follow. Of course, the disasters in question need not be geophysical. We could be looking at politicians - making choices that come back to haunt us all in the coming months. Or individuals - reaching decisions that later prove regrettable. No matter what sign you are, if you find yourself in doubt this week, be optimistic.

Tuesday December 16
More Santa Banter

Last week, I mentioned the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in 2BC – and asked, if that was the Star of Bethlehem, whose birthday do we celebrate on December 25? Several readers suggested that the Sun is ‘reborn’ this time each year when it starts to move along the horizon again after the solstice. Others suspect it is the birthday of Santa Claus, a character neither properly pagan nor Christian. St Nicholas, on whom he is supposedly based, was born on December 6. But if Christmas belongs to anyone, surely it is the figure with the beard, reindeer and elves.

Wednesday December 17
Spiritual Revolution

In recent years I have visited Mexico, India, Egypt, Tibet, Israel, and Scotland in search of ancient prophecies. I’m still working on a book that reconciles the ‘end of the Mayan calendar’ in 2012 with the visions of other cultures from long ago. As the credit crunch deepens, many believe we are entering a crisis that was anticipated, by some, thousands of years ago. If that’s correct, then regardless of how much fear is now in the air, the people of this earth are about to undergo a ‘spiritual revolution’ that lightens hearts and brightens lives around the world.

Thursday December 18
Joining the dots

Dear Jonathan,
You didn’t predict the Credit Crunch would get so bad! Jo

Dear Jo,
The future is like a dot-to-dot puzzle. The ‘dots’ are what we know of what’s due. Planetary alignments, for example. Those dots, though, are hard to join. I saw dots, earlier this year, implying economic trouble. I saw dots, later in the year, suggesting world leaders taking unprecedented steps to solve a global problem. ‘Ah,’ I thought. ‘Climate change.’ Now we know differently. But climate change is still urgent. The dots of 2009 promise revolutionary initiatives to help the environment, ‘justified’ by the downturn.

Friday December 19
Growing Green

I had hoped that we would be out of the credit crunch before the opposition of Saturn and Uranus took hold. This alignment, though, is now creating a cosmic climate that encourages revolution and re-invention. Old institutions are being challenged. New ideas are being rapidly embraced, just as they were in the sixties when we last saw similar astrological activity. Around the world, governments are trying to bail out big businesses in the hope that this will limit unemployment. They need to know that in the ‘new era’ that we’re entering, almost nothing will grow unless it is green!

Saturday December 20
Your Week Ahead

Long before the Church of Rome hijacked the solstice celebration for their special mass, this was naturally a time of year to mark rebirth and redemption. It is when the Sun stands still for a few days after completing a long trundle along the horizon - and before retracing its steps. As the world watches anxiously to see if the Sun will move once more, so a seasonal feast of forgiveness is held. This year, the Christmas Solstice coincides with a New Moon and a conjunction of Mars and Pluto. That's powerful. Just as the world is now being challenged to rethink the way it does business, so we as individuals are being challenged to rethink our old beliefs and adopt more inspired aspirations. Be open to discovery and you'll make plenty, soon!

Sunday December 21

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