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February 4 2008 to February 10 2008

Monday February 4
The dark side of Pluto

Last week, I explained how Pluto highlights the negative side of an astrological influence. In the Thirties, while in the sign of the crab, Pluto took the Cancerian urge 'to protect' and whipped it into a frenzy of fear that drove millions to believe war was their only option. Then in 1939, Pluto slipped into Leo, sign of strength and inarguable authority. Though WWII was dreadful, there then came a threat more terrifying than any the world had known before. The Uranium and the Plutonium bombs helped restore peace... but now gave us the power to wipe out the entire human race.

Tuesday February 5
Free Year Ahead Spoken Forecasts

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Wednesday February 6
Pluto in Scorpio

While Pluto was in Virgo, the sign of fecundity, the great global anxiety revolved around a population explosion. Whilst in Libra, during the Seventies, Pluto planted a fear in a million minds, about a social or economic imbalance that might never be rectified. On the night Pluto entered Scorpio (November 5, 1983), I was in a London lecture theatre, with about 60 astrologers, listening to a distinguished speaker. We weren't sure how, but we all agreed the world's attitude to sex was about to be transformed. Early in 1984, the word Aids migrated from medical journals to the tabloids.

Thursday February 7

When Pluto entered Sagittarius in the mid-Nineties many astrologers predicted a time when we would all be affected by religious fundamentalism. Looking back on this phase, it is easy to see how the whole 'war on terror' was a symptom of this astrological influence. Soon, I'll look at the changes we can expect now that Pluto is in Capricorn. But first, Chinese New Year! This always begins with the annual dark of the moon in what we westerners call Aquarius. This particular New Moon is an exceptionally powerful force because it also brings a solar eclipse. Happy New Year.

Friday February 8
Lunar festivals

Chinese New Year starts on a different date each year. So does Christian Easter, Islamic Id, Hindu Holi and Jewish Passover (to name but a few). They are all lunar festivals. The Sun is in much the same place on the same day each year, but the Moon follows a more complex pattern which gets even more intricate when we take eclipses into account. Some Asian astrologers consider it inauspicious for their year to begin on a solar eclipse. I'm more inclined to see it though, as an encouraging omen of further, positive integration between East and West soon.

Saturday February 9
Your Weekend

Roses are not always red. If Violets are really blue, why do we call them violet? It's Valentine's week... and thankfully, not all romances are traditional. If your love life is far from conventional, don't worry, you're not alone! And anyway, you may prefer to be alone than in some strange relationship that looks good from the outside but feels like an echoing void on the inside. Venus and Mars are about to form a powerful antagonistic alignment. It favours honesty, depth and meaning. Even if this week brings conflict, it will be the kind that leads, ultimately, to far deeper happiness.

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