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February 11 2008 to February 17 2008

Monday February 11
Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day, this year, falls between a Solar Eclipse (last week) and a Lunar Eclipse (next week). According to mystic belief, such a phase opens a portal into 'another realm, full of different possiblities'. The 13th, this year, also brings a tense alignment twixt Venus and Mars. Whilst hardly ideal for romance, this suggests that those who secretly enjoy difficult relationships will be in their element soon. Plus, 2008 is a leap year. This traditionally entitles women to propose to men. (Apparently, if they do so at any other time, they risk compromising their status as second-class citizens!)

Tuesday February 12
Money can't buy you love

How ironic that a celebrity divorce should dominate the news in Valentine's week, especially when it involves the author of so many wonderful love songs. But, then, it is easy to fall in love. And out. What's never so easy is to end a relationship with respect and restraint. Much money may soon change hands. But surely any parent would willingly part with all their worldly wealth if it could save their child from just one moment of psychological damage. The greatest irony is that this is the kind of love (and wisdom and consciousness) that money just can't buy.

Wednesday February 13
Venus and Mars

'A good friend of mine / Studies the stars / Venus and Mars / Are alright tonight...' So sang Paul and Linda, back in the Seventies. And er... tonight? Venus and Mars are forming an odd angle; neither a helpful trine nor a supportive sextile. Not a problematic square of 90 degrees nor a stressful opposition of 180. Tonight they are separated by exactly 150 degrees. This is neither alright nor not alright. It suggests a mixture of acceptance and rejection, agreement and argument. A battle that is never fully won or lost. An interesting alignment under which to enter Valentine's Day.

Thursday February 14
Words of Love

Every forecast today begins with a quote from the poet and philosopher Khalil Gibran. I could think of no other writer who so eloquently expresses the spirit of true love. Gibran was born in Lebanon in 1883. All today's quotes come from his most famous work, The Prophet. I hope they inspire you and I wish you not just a day of romance, but a day of depth, meaning and magic. And if, for any reason, you can't be with the one you love... remember the most profound emotion in our heart of hearts transcends all time... and space.

Friday February 15
Lunar eclipse

Next week brings a gorgeous lunar eclipse. If the weather is half reasonable, we'll see the Full Moon turn crimson... and, maybe even, briefly turquoise. After last week's solar eclipse the Earth is passing through a special zone. A window of 'psychic opportunity' when wishes stand a greater chance of coming true and cosmic orders can be more easily granted. The trick at such times is to avoid being overly specific. Don't ask the universe for what you want. Ask it to help you get whatever you truly need most. Then sit back and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Saturday February 16
Your Weekend

Two weeks ago, we had a solar eclipse, now here comes its lunar counterpart. They happen in pairs. The first 'opens the gates', the second, closes it. A gate? Well, perhaps a 'portal' would be a better word. A chance to let in new energy. A time when old rules can be broken as new accords are reached. A time when spirits of a bygone age can somehow be contacted, and their aid can be enlisted in any cause designed to further the world's well-being. There's magic in the air now. Don't focus on anything else. Just make the most of it while it lasts.

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