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February 25 2008 to March 2 2008

Monday February 25
Obama Drama

Dear Jonathan,
You have predicted a Hillary presidency. As a fellow astrologer, I know why. The inauguration chart of 2009 is dramatic. But have you looked lately at Hillary's horoscope? I predict Obama will win and will be wildly popular. He will not, though, complete his term. Kennedy, Nixon, Roosevelt (in his last term), were all inaugurated under the same aspect.

Dear Kevin,
Rightly or wrongly, I have interpreted the situation differently - using different techniques. Meanwhile, if that inauguration chart can tell us anything, surely what it suggests, is that WHOEVER wins may not complete their term.

Tuesday February 26
Taking stock of optimism

I have answered several questions lately, about the future of the stock markets and financial institutions. I still maintain that the further into the year we go, the greater the recovery will be. Some readers though, have scolded me for expressing such optimism. They are keen to point out that a recession could be good for the environment, especially if it slows growth in countries where there's now a whole lot of 'new manufacturing' going on. But I really can't see any suggestion in the sky, that the only way the planet can be saved, is by us all being financially punished.

Wednesday February 27
Across The Universe

John Lennon felt Across the Universe was one of his best songs. Earlier this month, it was broadcast, literally, 'across the universe'. Nasa scientists played it through an X-band, deep space transmitter. If there are intelligent life forms near the North Star they will soon be hearing the distinctive chorus 'Jai Guru Deva, Om...' These Sanskrit words were once taught to the Beatles in India by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Coincidentally, on the same day his message was shared with the entire cosmos, the elderly Maharishi sat in meditation one last time and peacefully left his body forever.

Thursday February 28
Pluto's message

I have recently said a lot about Pluto's journey through the zodiac. Several readers have asked me to comment on the latest phase of this planet's orbit. Why rush? This era will last for over a decade. Already, though, it is clear that while Pluto (a symbol of terror) is in a sign that governs 'structure', 'limitation' and 'time', our collective concerns must change. Soon, we will all become less afraid of the damage that people can do to each other, more worried about the harm we have done to our environment and our need to repair this quickly.

Friday February 29
I feel the earth, move, under my feet

There may be more earthquakes over the next few years, Pluto, 'Lord of the Underworld' is famous for unleashing powerful forces. It is now in Capricorn, an earth sign, traditionally associated with mountains and tectonic plates. I am not necessarily predicting disaster, just anticipating more tremors. Meanwhile, today is a day we don't normally have. As with any opportunity, it's easy to dismiss this as 'nothing so special'. I, though, definitely intend to dedicate at least a part of this unusual extra day to something that I have always wanted to do but can never normally find time for.

Saturday March 1
Your Weekend

The big news, this month, is the arrival of Mars in Cancer. That will alter the atmosphere - at home and out in the wider world. It will bring domestic disputes to a new level of intensity, but allow, also, for movement in areas where too much, for too long, has been stale. Even in areas of life where suggestions of some dreadful downturn seem inevitable, real signs of a brighter future will emerge. Slowly but surely, these will replace the messages of doom and gloom that we have been hearing and seeing lately. And life will start to look a lot brighter.

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