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March 2 2009 to March 8 2009

Monday March 2
Hot Air

Hello Jonathan,
I'm an air training instructor. I often teach young teenagers about the Montgolfier Brothers' balloon. I was surprised to learn in my zodiac forecast that it was decorated with zodiac signs!

Dear Gareth,
I was surprised too, even though I write regularly about it because they got that first ever hot air balloon up so soon after the discovery of Uranus in 1781. As I was preparing your prediction, it occurred to me how the Wright Brothers and the Montgolfier Brothers were crucial to the development of air travel. While researching that, I found some pictures.

Tuesday March 3

Did you see the footage of beached whales in Tasmania? The survivors were being lovingly carried back out to sea on makeshift stretchers, held by about a dozen people. It was like watching Gulliver and the Lilliputians. Perhaps we really are 'little people'. Our space telescopes scan the skies for worlds that may house intelligent life. No wonder we're hunting. There's not much sign of that round here. And many believe that aliens, if we ever find them, will as likely live in water as on land. They may well have more in common with Cetaceans than we do!

Wednesday March 4
Revenge of the Cetaceans

What if aliens are already in our midst? Douglas Adams famously pointed out that, in an environment so different to ours that it might as well be another planet, there's a race of highly evolved, intelligent beings. We don't always show them respect though. Japanese boats harpoon whales for 'research'. In the Faroe Islands there's an annual massacre of whales and dolphins. If we attacked space invaders like this, the mother ship would soon be here. But then cetaceans are reputedly telepathic. Perhaps their revenge involves interfering with human thoughts. Maybe that's why we have wound up with so many fishy financiers.

Thursday March 5
Noises Off

I was not intending to write about whales and dolphins again today. After all, they don't consult astrologers, nor do they ever send me letters. But then I saw an email from a reader called Sarah, connecting the 'beaching of whales in Tasmania to a large electricity cable that goes from there to the mainland of Australia'. Electricity, she says, interferes with the navigating sonar of whales. While pondering this, a car alarm went off nearby. After just minutes of relentless racket, I completely understood how a loud electronic noise could erode the sanity of anyone, human or cetacean.

Friday March 6

Venus is stationary. From now till mid-April she slips slowly backwards through the zodiac each evening. That takes her closer to the Sun, making her progressively harder to see. Right now, though, the planet of romance, creativity, luxury and friendship is as bright and beautiful as she ever gets. Plus, she is now at her most influential. If you want to rewrite rules - or there is a process you want to stop or reverse, grab your chance. Though Venus is officially a planet, not a star, those who wish upon her this weekend may just get what they want!

Saturday March 7
Your Week Ahead

Whenever the Moon is full, it is full in the opposite sign to the Sun. Right now, the Sun is in Pisces. This week's full moon is in Virgo. Opposites either attract or repel. They have more in common than they think. It is as if they represent extremes of the same basic impulse. Methodical Virgo opposes intuitive Pisces; logical Aquarius opposes passionate Leo; practical Capricorn opposes sensitive Cancer; amenable Sagittarius opposes argumentative Gemini; stubborn Taurus opposes stubborn Scorpio (I'll explain that another day); and impulsive Aries opposes thoughtful Libra. Whenever the moon is full, it's always a good time to look more closely at who (or what) is opposing you!

Sunday March 8
Celebrity Sunday

Robbie Williams is at a crossroads in his personal and professional life. This week Jonathan takes a closer look...

We've got a Friday the 13th coming up this week. We had one last month, too - and, for Robbie Williams, it was a cause for celebration. He turned 35. Will this be his lucky year? Or? Well, just as angels are never far from Robbie's side, he's haunted by inner demons, too.
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