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April 6 2009 to April 12 2009

Monday April 6
Down with Pluto

I have always been against the idea that Pluto does not count as a proper planet. Pluto was first found in 1930, just as scientists isolated an element that would prove crucial to creating a nuclear bomb. They named it Plutonium after the new heavenly body. To astrologers that seemed apt. A new 'dark symbol' in the sky, just as humans develop a technology with which they could render themselves extinct! Now, as the president of the USA expresses his vision of a nuclear-free future, I find myself sincerely hoping that the case for downgrading Pluto proves valid!

Tuesday April 7
Not Fade Away?

Dear Mr. Cainer,
Yesterday, you said you hoped astronomers were right and that Pluto is not a proper planet. I'm a Scorpio, governed by Pluto. I'm confused.

Dear Martha,
Pluto does not exclusively govern Scorpio. The traditional ruler of your sign is Mars. Pluto symbolises the discovery of 'enormous potential power within something minuscule' (as in a virus, a subatomic particle or a fear). It's ironic that Pluto itself is being dismissed as 'too small'. Pluto's influence defined the 20th century. It's still a force to be reckoned with. I'm merely wondering whether its influence could eventually fade.

Wednesday April 8

I am still getting letters about 2012. Some are concerned with the 'end' of the Mayan calendar. Others have heard that the sunspot cycle peaks around this time, causing solar flares that may damage internet and phone connections around the globe. There are also concerns about a 'mystery planet' that is predicted to appear, exerting such a strong gravitational pull that the poles shift and the Earth's orbit changes. Especially In the light of recent traumatic news from Italy, it all sounds believable. But I still maintain the world will survive 2012 and long beyond in surprisingly good shape.

Thursday April 9
Only One You

Dear Jonathan,
I have landed in a complicated romantic situation with someone who has the same sign as my own. Now when I read my horoscope I can't tell if what I am reading applies to my situation with him or his situation with someone else. Can it be both? Cath

Dear Cath,
You can't eat someone else's dinner for them, no matter how close you may be. Nor can you properly read someone else's forecast for them, no matter how you imagine that you can. While you are reading your prediction, it applies to one person only. You.

Friday April 10
Wisdom of the East

A popular Tibetan poem goes:

From the eastern peak,
Rises the clear white moon,
The face of the... mother,
Turns and turns my mind.

I'm currently back in Nepal, where traditional beliefs about the power of the Moon are still alive... and where many Tibetan nationals still live in awkward exile. They are most unimpressed with recent claims, by China, that their land was somehow 'liberated' when it was invaded. Meanwhile I'm continuing my quest to learn more about traditional Eastern wisdom. Meanwhile, the latest 5 Star Audio forecasts have just been recorded under a Full Moon... near the foot of Everest!

Saturday April 11
Your Week Ahead

Earlier this year, Uranus in Pisces was exactly opposite Saturn in Virgo. Soon, they'll repeat the alignment. Saturn represents tradition and structure. Uranus symbolises chaos and sudden change. Hence the state of flux the whole world is in! Right now, they're taking a brief break from their cosmic tussle. Mars, meanwhile, is 'visiting' Uranus in Pisces. It is almost as if the power planet is giving Uranus a pep talk. 'Come on, keep demanding change. You're nearly there.' Watch the news this week for surprises. And watch out, in your life, for a thrilling new chance to ring the changes.

Sunday April 12
Celebrity Sunday

The extraordinary voice of Amy Winehouse has made headlines for all the right reasons. The extraordinary life of Amy has made headlines for many of the wrong reasons. This week, Jonathan looks closely at the Back To Black star...

I once sat right behind Amy Winehouse during Jools Holland's Hootenanny. She still had her beehive and she was very engrossed with her boyfriend, who was sitting on her lap. My jaw dropped, though, when I heard her sing. What a voice. What a style. What a talent. I felt far too starstruck to say hello. Later, I looked at her horoscope. What a birth chart! Read the rest of this article...

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