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June 15 2009 to June 21 2009

Monday June 15
A Sense of Porpoise

I rarely wake early enough to see the rising sun, but I've been watching it set each evening for weeks, edging ever further along the horizon. It will soon reach the point where it seemingly stands still for three days before slowly retracing its steps. On the night of the 20th, I intend to join the many around the world who traditionally stay up all night to witness the Solstice dawn. Apparently, this year, a global peace meditation is being organised that day by people in Mexico, Hawaii and South Africa who say they are receiving guidance from dolphins!

Tuesday June 16
In Tune with Neptune

I keep questioning the received wisdom about what Neptune is supposed to represent. Then I keep questioning myself. What right do I have to argue? Yet it's not as if I'm challenging the wisdom of ancient astrologers like Ptolemy. He'd never even heard of it. All pronouncements about how we should interpret Neptune stem from some time after it was first discovered in 1846. Yesterday, it dawned on me that, as Neptune takes around 164 years to travel once round the zodiac, it is finally back where it was when we first found it, forming a triple conjunction, too!

Wednesday June 17
Infinite Woo Woo

Neptune takes 164 years to orbit the Sun. As it was discovered in 1846, it is now about to have its first birthday. First? When it has surely existed since time immemorial? Yes, first. For the same reason that you celebrated your first birthday after Earth had completed one orbit since the day that you were 'discovered' in human form. You too, may have existed before this... but you were invisible; without individual identity or influence. At the risk of sounding a bit woo-woo, I am coming to see how Neptune symbolises our potential to deepen our relationship with the infinite!

Thursday June 18
Happy 164thish Birthday

Several people have pointed out that, officially, Neptune won't complete its first full orbit of the Sun since the day it was discovered, till July 2011. 'Officially', they are right. But astrology involves the view through the window of our own giant space ship, moving round the Sun about 164 times faster than Neptune. Earth is not in the same position as it was when we first saw Neptune. From our angle of observation, it is already back where it was. Plus, if you only have one birthday every 164 years, you're entitled to stretch it out a bit!

Friday June 19
Henge Night Ahoy

I'm off to Wiltshire this weekend. I don't go every year. Sometimes, I find a quiet spot to see in the Solstice dawn. Ancient monuments are optional. Anywhere with a nice view of the East will do. But as, over the past few thousand years, Stonehenge has established itself as 'the place to be' on June 21, and as, this year, we're in the auspicious Dark of The Moon, I shall brave the noise of that all night party and join my colleagues in the shadow of those mighty stones.

Saturday June 20
Your Week Ahead

It's the Solstice - the moment when the rising Sun, having crept slowly along the horizon for the past six months, finally reaches a turning point. It now comes up in exactly the same place, every day for a few days and then starts edging gradually back towards the place where it dawns in December. The ancients viewed this as a time of tremendous hope and inspiration. They celebrated. They sang. They considered it the most auspicious part of the year. They were not wrong. And nor, if you dedicate your life to pursuing a real, sincere and generous vision this week, will you be making a mistake!

Sunday June 21
Celebrity Sunday

Normally, I only look at celebrity birth charts when I'm asked to. Every so often though, I come across a performer so gifted that they stop me in my tracks. When a friend played me Corinne Bailey Rae's first single 'Put your records on.' I suspected she was a Piscean at once. Such a fluid, floaty voice. Read the rest of this article...

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