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July 13 2009 to July 19 2009

Monday July 13
More Cracking Egg Theories

Dear Jonathan, Chickens are a recent evolutionary result; eggs have been around since the dinosaurs. Ergo, the egg came first. Dave

Dear Jonathan,
Actually, if you want to take it back to basics. All life came from single-celled organisms that divided for reproduction, rather than laid eggs, in much the same way as multicellular organisms grow and expand. Therefore the chicken (the original parent life-form) came first. Piscean logic wins every time! Glenn

Dear Jonathan,
Doesn't it take a rooster to fertilise a chicken's egg? Perhaps there were spare ribs involved in the creation of the first chicken? Karen

Tuesday July 14
Eggosaurus Rex

Jonathan, You ask, 'which came first, the chicken or the egg?' I don't want to be difficult, but how about the idea that questions concerning creation can't be limited to a left-brained response? The usual 'either/or' way of looking at things doesn't hold up for me any more (the answer is usually 'both' and 'more'). Dennis

Dear Jonathan, As I understand it, chickens are descendants of Tyrannosaurus Rex, so in answer to whether the egg or the chicken came first; I reckon the dinosaur came before both. Shawn

Dear All, I confidently predict more on this matter, very soon!

Wednesday July 15
Intelligent Chic Design

Dear Jonathan, Surely the chicken came first! The Bible tells us that every creature was made to be fruitful and multiply. Barbara (Gemini)

Hi Jonathan, I don't see why the Chicken and the Egg can't have been created at the same instant. It is only in Darwinistic linear thought that one thing has to spring from the other. Joe

Hello Jonathan, Maybe the original chicken conceived its very first offspring by immaculate conception and needed no rooster. Patricia (Libra)

Dear Jonathan, I suspect the answer depends on the way that you ask the question. Rather like an echo. Carol (Cancerian)

Thursday July 16
Enigma Variations

Dear Jonathan,
You have asked us to comment on whether the chicken or the egg came first. Your question is not really a zoological question, nor even a paleo-zoological one. It is more a philosophical and metaphysical matter of cause and effect. As it seems to have been discussed for a few thousand years without anybody reaching a conclusion, further discussion would be no more productive than a debate on that medieval conundrum as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. GK (Cancerian!)

Dear GK,
Ah yes. That brings me to my next question!

Friday July 17
An Eggsistential Conjecture

Dear Jonathan

...What if the whole Universe is an egg? E (Leo)

... The thing about eggs is that they are fragile yet strong. Hold one in your hands with each end nestling in the palms, lock your fingers to hold the egg, then squeeze both hands together as hard as you like. The egg will not break! Nigel

...We have chickens. We have eggs. We have sun. We have oceans. We have grass. We have people. Who cares how they got here? I'd rather spend my time appreciating what I have than wondering why I have it. Jenny (Leo)

Saturday July 18
Your Week Ahead

The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century takes place this week. It will be more than a hundred years till we see one that beats it for duration. To see it, though, you'll need to be in Northern India or Central China. Or in a boat, about 100km south of the Bonin Islands. Too far to travel? Fear not. Though you may not witness the spectacle, you'll feel the power of the alignment wherever you are. Eclipses create moments, in all our lives, when we can change our destiny if we really want to. Make a sincere wish this week, and the sky will support you.

Sunday July 19
Your Guide to the Future

The next phase of the triple conjunction is now taking place. Jupiter and Neptune align once again with Chiron... and then the three remain close in the zodiac for the rest of the year and beyond. If ever an astrological influence could change your life, this is the one! I have revised the personal horoscope chart service so that it takes full account of this rare and powerful force. Find out exactly how it will affect you. Order your Triple conjunction Guide to the Future now.

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