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September 21 2009 to September 27 2009

Monday September 21
Equinox Ahoy...

The Sun, as we all know, rises in the East. Except that actually, it doesn't. Between March and September, it rises in the North-east. During the rest of the year, it rises in the South-east. Only twice a year does it rise exactly in the East. We're now approaching one of those very special times. It will soon be the September equinox, when the night is as long as the day. Don't confuse it with the March equinox, when the day is as long as the night! The real difference is seasonal. In Australia it is almost Spring.

Tuesday September 22
Equinox Rocks

The Sun is now rising precisely in the East and setting exactly due West. The days are as long as the nights. Wherever you are in the world and whatever season you're entering, the Equinox symbolises a chance to rebalance your life and invite into it the kind of change that you would most like to see. If you've got a habit you'd like to break or a commitment you'd like to make, you'll find the sky is exceptionally supportive. There's a shift in the mood as the possibility of subtle yet powerful transformation becomes available to all.

Wednesday September 23
Balancing Act

Depending on where you live, the Sun has now reached, (or will reach in the next few hours), the 180th degree of the ecliptic. That's the sector of the sky that Western astrologers call Libra. It doesn't align with the constellation of the same name... but here, if we're not careful, we enter a quagmire of technical debate, as we do if we explore different definitions of 'equinox'. Suffice to say we're in the last equinox of the decade and that just as it's a 'balancing time' for day and night, it's a time to balance dark with light. No matter what seems negative, we should seek positivity within it.

Thursday September 24
Appliance Defiance

Hi Jonathan,
Every year around this time, my electrical items break. This year the car, washing machine and dishwasher have all gone wrong. Is this because of the Equinox? Janine

Dear Janine,
Geostationary satellites often have 'equinox outages' caused by solar radiation. Dishwashers, though, don't generally receive signals from space - so I suspect you're one of the many people who, when they feel upset, find that machines malfunction. Maybe you've got a sensitive spot in your horoscope which gets triggered around the equinox. Try meditation or yoga. Keeping stress at bay could save you a fortune in repair bills!

Friday September 25
Lunar Sea?

Several readers have expressed concern about NASA's intention to 'bomb the moon' next month. I don't like the idea, but it won't knock the Moon out of orbit. Nor will it cause some hitherto undiscovered community of Clangers to seek revenge, angrily waving whistle flutes. It will simply confirm that there's water up there. Experts think it comes from the meteors that caused the craters. But, then, they used to insist the Moon was dry. If they can be so wrong, can we trust their opinion on 'Green Cheese'? Maybe the cow which jumped over it left milk behind!

Saturday September 26
Your Week Ahead

As we edge ever closer to 2012, ever more people are growing concerned. They're worried about the 'end of the Mayan long count calendar' or about a mystery planet with an eccentric orbit that some believe will return to our solar system and exert such a gravitational pull on the Earth that it changes the way it spins. Or there's the alignment with the Galactic Centre that could open a portal to another realm. Or the idea that solar flares will paralyse all our computers and phones. What do I think? That 2012 will be a good year, 2013 an even better one. And none of the above need worry anyone.

Sunday September 27
By Jupiter

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