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February 2 2009 to February 8 2009

Monday February 2
Comet Surprise

'Nothing is certain but death and taxes.' So said American founding father, Benjamin Franklin. His politician's soundbite still echoes through the centuries, but it omits another certainty. The movements of the planets. Astronomers can say, with confidence precisely where Venus or Mars will be this time next week or even on a given date in 3009. That's why, for those who seek to foresee the future, the sky is so fascinating. Not everything up there, though, is predictable. Comets for example, can surprise everyone. With each day, it looks more likely that Comet Lulin will soon surprise us all.

Tuesday February 3
More on Saturn/Uranus

History tells us that when economies fail, people look to their borders, blaming problems on outsiders. In America, President Obama faces pressure to ensure that his recovery plans oblige people to 'buy American'. In the UK, there are strikes in protest at foreign workers, taking 'local' jobs. Saturn and Uranus align in opposition again in a few days time. The 'consciousness revolution' they signify raises a big question. It's not 'can we thaw out a cold financial climate?' We surely can in time. But as groups and nations, can we ever outgrow our age old habit of turning fear into anger?

Wednesday February 4
Time Twins

Hi Jonathan, When my son was born 16 years ago, another child was born in the hospital at the same time, I have often thought how interesting it would be to see what similarities they have in attitude and experience. Dawn

Dear Dawn, You'd find some spooky similarities and some dramatic differences. Time twins make fascinating case studies for astrologers.

Hi Jonathan, If a relationship does not work out, will things go badly if I get together with another person born under the same sign as my previous partner? Steph

Dear Steph, The relationship will have some spooky similarities and some dramatic differences!

Thursday February 5
Shake-up, Shape-up

Saturn today opposes Uranus. Again. They align like this only every 45 years or so. Once they take their places, they maintain them for a year or two while they slip in and out of 'exact' opposition. When they line up precisely, they cause the seemingly impossible to become feasible - and support the overturn of old regimes. They opposed for the first time on the day of Barack Obama's victory. Today's developments may be less immediately obvious, but we'll see more shake-ups between now and the next opposition in September. Then two more, in April and July, 2010.

Friday February 6
Comet Lulin

Planets are predictable. Some comets are, too. We knew, for example, that Comet Holmes was due at the end of 2007. What we didn't know was that it was about to explode, creating a stunning spectacle and acting as an omen of challenge to come. The latest comet is different again. Like Comet Holmes, it's green. Unlike Holmes though, Comet Lulin has never been seen before. We can't be sure it will become visible with the naked eye later in February, but it might. If it does, we should expect a change that somehow touches the hearts of millions.

Saturday February 7
Your Week Ahead

Here comes quite a week. A Full Moon followed by a sharp alignment from Mars to Saturn. Followed by a Friday 13th. Then Valentine's Day. It's a good job that we're all so depressed by the state of the world that we don't have time to notice what's happening in the sky! Actually, we may yet become less edgy soon. There are signs in the sky of eventual improvement... though I hesitate to call them 'green shoots'. Optimism is out of fashion at the moment. It won't be back till there's something solid to celebrate. Still, though, that could be sooner than many pessimists expect.

Sunday February 8
Celebrity Sunday

When Jennifer Aniston was ten, I met her godfather. He was Telly Savalas, best known as bald TV detective, Kojak. I was funding my astrological studies by managing a cafe in Los Angeles. Telly came in with his elderly mum... and tipped me five dollars for being polite!

Jennifer was living on the east coast, at that time, attending the New York Steiner School. We have schools like this in Britain too. They encourage kids to discover their strengths without being drowned in a sea of exams.

Rudolf Steiner, who dreamed them up, was a Pisces. He was big on art, dance, poetry, astronomy, mysticism, organic farming and helping the handicapped. Jennifer Aniston, who joined her Steiner school drama club at the age of 11, is an Aquarian. Read the rest of this article...

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