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February 9 2009 to February 15 2009

Monday February 9
Penumbral Eclipse

Today's 'eclipse' is listed on the NASA website, trusted guide of scientists and astronomers. You won't, though, find any mention of it in Raphael's Ephemeris, the traditional reference work for warlocks, witches, magical amulet-makers and daily horoscope columnists. The Moon doesn't pass through the full shadow of the earth, just a flimsy side shadow. A penumbral eclipse is not considered powerful enough for most who track the influence of the sky. And in terms of 'closing the portal of possibility' opened by January's solar eclipse? It's more like an automatic sliding door that senses an obstacle and re-opens.

Tuesday February 10
Peak Season

Technology will eventually bring us better ways to contain and prevent bush fires like those now raging across Australia. Lessons will be learned and, though these won't bring back anyone who has been so tragically lost, their memories will inspire future caution. Not all summers downunder will be this hot from now on. Though to doubt the cause of climate change is a modern heresy, I predict that in years to come, people will see that global warming has many causes, not all originating on Planet Earth. There's a natural season that is currently peaking... and will soon recede.

Wednesday February 11
Don't Panic!

Dear Jonathan,
I am Taurean, my husband is Capricorn. My readings often say 'relax and all will come'. But we are trying to run a business in a recession. Work has slowed, we have let staff go, some clients cannot afford to pay. Despite working long days we might go under and lose our home. How can we 'relax'? Carole

Dear Carole,
You can only do your best. If you worry too much, you will impair your own judgement. These are tough times, but not impossible times - unless, by giving way to fear or panic, we make them so.

Thursday February 12
Break the Chains

Dear Jonathan,
You know those emails that say, 'If you send this on to lots of people, you will receive good fortune'? I have received several and sent them on - but so far, nothing. Do they really have power?

Dear Colin,
Many things have power... including you and I! Too often though, we give away our own power to authority figures or inanimate objects. Sometimes, we donate it so trustingly and generously that it is hard for us to take it back. But it's never wise to pass on a chain letter, no matter what it promises... or threatens.

Friday February 13
Love and Peace Man

Some astrologers are worried about Comet Lulin. Rather than seeing it as an omen of positive change, they are inclined to read it as a suggestion that the economic downturn could exacerbate international tension. Others are excited because, tomorrow, the Moon is in the 'seventh house' and Jupiter aligns with Mars. That's just like in the song from the Sixties' musical Hair about the 'dawning of the Age of Aquarius!' Some are so inspired, they are inviting people all around the world to start their day with a Valentine's meditation for peace, wisdom and understanding. I'm with them!

Saturday February 14
Your Week Ahead

Christmas is a solar festival. It coincides with the solstice. Easter is a lunar festival. It moves around according to the Moon. Valentine's Day ought to belong to Venus, planet of love. But it doesn't. The date is always the same. So some years it coincides with a helpful planetary picture, but often, nothing in heaven helps the atmosphere. For some signs, this year, the outlook is romantic - but many of us may have to wait before we feel something stir, deep in our heart. With this in mind, I've prepared some special spoken predictions that cover your outlook for the rest of the year.

Can astrology help to improve your love life? Of course! It can provide a valuable insight into your emotional make-up - and it can reveal the secret needs of your loved one. Read The Elements of Love - A Valentine Special

Sunday February 15
Sunday Special - Comet Lulin

Usually, in this space, I write about a celebrity. This week, as I cast my eye over the list of stars I remembered the biggest star of all. Here comes a comet. Rare, weird, green, glorious. Double-tailed and highly mysterious. You can see it with your own eyes just after midnight, especially if there are no clouds and you're not in some brightly-lit street. A warm jacket, a pair of binoculars and a bit of patience will help... as will a sky chart, telling you how to spot a 'fixed star' called Spica.

The comet is near there. It's fuzzy, but it has power. If you are even slightly psychic, you'll recognise that as soon as you see it. Experts are calling Comet Lulin, the Comet of Co-operation.

Like every comet, Lulin signifies the demise of an old regime. In this case, it's the end of the line for the fools and fat cats who created the credit crunch. No brave new world can be born while the same old bumblers sit in the same old offices, trousering the same old bonuses while acting like sheep and talking bull. Lulin will see them all off. Then slowly we'll get a rebirth of prosperity. Around the world, across the internet, a new movement of wealth creation is about to be born.

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