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February 16 2009 to February 22 2009

Monday February 16
Circus Skills

Although I know and like many of my colleagues, I don't exclusively keep the company of astrologers. Recently, I dined with a dramatist. Eventually, inevitably, our conversation turned to the state of the world and the shape of the future. I asked if he feared his livelihood might suffer. He was optimistic. 'Whenever there is less bread,' he said, 'there must be more circuses'. Ever since, I've been thinking about other areas of activity that should do well, despite the downturn. I'll list some soon. Meanwhile, If you've got observations or experiences to share do drop me a line.

Tuesday February 17
Make do and mend

Hi Jonathan, You asked for observations about how to thrive in a downturn. I say get into the repair business. I run a clothes alteration business and am always busy. Wendy

Dear Jonathan, My son works for a company that makes and services alarms. They expect business to be good because people will want to protect their even more precious possessions. Debby

Dear Jonathan, 'If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft / And of thy meagre store / Two loaves alone to thee are left, / Sell one and with the dole / Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul - Sheikh Muslih-uddin Saadi Shirazi. Ann

Wednesday February 18
Upside Downturn

Dear Jonathan

Fast food sales are rising in the downturn. Lioh
Stiletto heels are back. Chiropodists and chiropractors should do well. GG
When times are tight more people go dancing. Christine
Less money means more time to spend with family and friends. Sales of tea never suffer in a recession. Wendy
Not all luxury spending will stop. Folk may scrimp and save - but will still want special treats sometimes. Ingrid
The Law of Attraction is clear. What you think about comes about. No matter what's happening, if you see yourself as prosperous. you'll become so. AJ

Thursday February 19
More reasons to be cheerful...

I'm still inviting your observations about what does well in a tough climate.

Mary says: 'I've been selling woodstoves for almost 30 years and I've never been so busy!'
Anita writes: 'Recessions bring excellent business for psychotherapists. Worry about what might happen often triggers fears buried since childhood.'
Elizabeth comments: 'My friend is a masseuse and healer. Her workload has gone up dramatically.'
Jacqui says: 'I'm a florist. Valentine's Day this year, was busy as ever.'
Kristen writes: 'Just before President Obama's inauguration, I became happy and hopeful. I feel strongly that everything is going to be okay.'

Friday February 20
You gotta have faith...

Next week, I'll share some more recession-busting tips. If you keep sending them, I'll keep publishing them until... until... well, that's the question. Pessimists it seems, are everywhere now. Emboldened by all the gloom, they keep making pronouncements like 'we'll be paying for this till the end of time'. The closest to an optimist that anyone can find these days is someone who says, 'The end of time? Ah, you mean 2012!' But the planets still insist that all it takes to end this downturn is a new wave of faith. And that could come at any moment.

Saturday February 21
Your Week Ahead

Look out for Lulin this week. This green, glorious comet is now as close to Earth as it is going to get. As it appears near Saturn, a New Moon should make it easy for many to observe. Even where it cannot be seen, it can be felt. Or at least, its influence can. Not all comets are omens of doom. Some symbolise the emergence of powerful healing influences, great teachings and truly progressive visions. The Chinese and Taiwanese astronomers who worked together to identify Lulin are already calling it the Comet of Co-operation. It is well named.

Sunday February 22
Celebrity Sunday

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

Jamie Hince celebrated his 40th birthday on December 19 last year. His life story is full of the lucky coincidences that Sagittarians are famous for. He just so happened to live in the same block of flats as another musician called Alison Mosshart. They overheard each other rehearsing and decided to form a band. But they had nothing to record on... till one day, they found all the gear they needed in a skip, right outside their home!

And Alison 'just so happened' to have a friend called Kate.
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