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February 23 2009 to March 1 2009

Monday February 23
Feeling is Believing

For many people, this has been an intense weekend. But then, there's a new comet coming as close to Earth as it will ever get... and edging towards a visual conjunction with Saturn. During the 'Dark of the Moon', it becomes easier to see fainter heavenly objects - so Lulin should be visible in the early hours tonight, weather and street lights permitting. In the same way, though, as many folk 'feel' the New Moon - even though there's no moon to see - it is possible to 'sense' the comet. Wherever an 'old order' is starting to crumble, Lulin is at work.

Tuesday February 24
No Foolin' Lu Lin

After Comet Holmes disappeared from view, early in 2008, it took a while before we really began to feel the impact. Holmes cannot be entirely blamed for the downturn, but it certainly proved the last straw that broke the camel's back. If that camel is now on its knees, the appearance of Comet Lu Lin, so close to Saturn can only mean the beast of the economy must soon shed yet more of its burden. Expect more news about collapsing banks, financial frauds and incompetent institutions. But don't assume that all this means too much more suffering for 'ordinary folk'.

Wednesday February 25
Contemplating the Comet

We're still in the Dark of the Moon. This, traditionally, is an auspicious time for weaving spells, reading runes and consulting oracles. For those who seek signs of things to come in the sky, there's plenty to contemplate. There are some who say green, fainty, fuzzy Comet Lu Lin; now aligning with Saturn, spells the imminent end of capitalism as we now know it. The world will eventually return to prosperity but the notion (for example) of enterprises that exist more for the benefit of their shareholders than their customers, may soon come to seem as archaic as slave labour.

Thursday February 26
Sitting on a cloud

'Should you sit upon a cloud you would not see the boundary line between one country and another, nor the boundary stone between a farm and a farm. It is a pity you cannot sit upon a cloud.' Kahlil Gibran, the poet who wrote this, died in 1931. Today the air is full of people, 'sitting on clouds' as they hurtle from one country to another. We have all seen the view of the Earth from the space shuttle. What will it take for us to see that this planet belongs to all of us... and none of us?

Friday February 27
More expression about the recession

Jillian writes: 'I'm a Business Strategist. Business is booming. Now's the time to re-focus on whatever you do well.' Annie says: 'I'm a bookseller. Students still need textbooks.' Glenda recalls: The Furry Freak Brothers, Sixties' hippie cartoon characters who used to say 'Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope!' She thinks drugs sell well in downturns. Collette says: 'I work for a wine company. We have had record sales.' And Roxanne reminds us: 'Healthcare professionals are always busy'.

Saturday February 28
Your Week Ahead

Venus is behaving in a mighty peculiar way at the moment. Where, normally, the planet of love passes through each zodiac sign in a matter of weeks, she's sticking around, month after month, in one sector of the sky. Back in February, the brightest planet entered the sign of the Ram and it won't be till June that this changes. For all born under Aries, this implies romantic magic. For Pisceans, it suggests wealth. For Librans, it's all about renegotiating deals. For Taureans, it's about breaking old habits... and for the rest of us, it's a cosmic promise of new hope for the whole world.

Sunday March 1
Celebrity Sunday

Simon Cowell has announced that he will be frozen after death so he can be brought back to life in the future:

Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, be warned. Simon Cowell thinks he can live on forever too. Like some ancient pharaoh, Simon is preparing, in this world, for the one beyond. Not, for him, though, a mummy's tomb or some Faustian pact with the Devil. When Simon's time comes, he's just going to climb into a Whirlpool freezer... and gracefully close the door.
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