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March 1 2010 to March 7 2010

Monday March 1
Here Today but Gone Tomorrow...

Every so often, I take a short holiday. Normally, this is because I am travelling. Now, though, I need a break because I have been somewhere... and haven't quite recovered. When I went to Japan, I took the daily predictions with me... writing them each day in my hotel. That, plus a busy schedule of interviews and meetings, left me jet-lagged. So tomorrow, my friend and colleague, Steve Judd will sit in for me... and he'll write predictions for Wednesday and Thursday too. Steve's writing style is different to mine, but his insights are impressively accurate. I'll be back on Friday.

Tuesday March 2
Day of Rest

Today, tomorrow and Thursday, I'm taking a break. Your daily predictions are written by my colleague, Steve Judd. Steve's been an astrologer even longer than I have and he is greatly respected in the international astrological community. He writes in a different style... and sometimes, he says things that I might think twice about saying... but I think you will find his advice very accurate and helpful. I will return to my desk in time for Friday's forecasts. I also hope, by then, to have slept off my jetlag!

Wednesday March 3
A Little Bit Juddery

Today and tomorrow, I'm taking a break. Your daily predictions are written by my colleague, Steve Judd. Steve's been an astrologer even longer than I have and is greatly respected in the international astrological community. Normally, though, he doesn't write about astrology, he practises it, giving readings to clients in person... and by e-mail. Many people say they have never had such accurate insights. So today, you and I are in the same boat. Neither of us knows what we will read when we turn to our horoscope! I'll be back in time to write Friday's predictions.

Thursday March 4
Stand-in Delivers

Jonathan writes: I'll be back from my break tomorrow. Your predictions today are by my colleague, Steve Judd. Steve is greatly respected in the international astrological community for his insights... and for the readings he gives to personal clients. We write in very different styles, but we both read the same planets in the same sky... according to the same traditional guidelines. I shall look with interest to see what the forecast for my own sign says today. I'm learning a lot from being on the receiving end of astrological advice, rather than being the person who gives it.

Friday March 5
Lag Over

I'm back and (just about) over jetlag, in time for my next trip abroad! My thanks to Steve Judd for sitting in over the past three days. Now, picking up where we left off...

Dear Jonathan, You recently published a letter from a reader who said they don't celebrate lunar New Year in India. But they DO! Sam
Dear Jonathan,
Shivaratri is celebrated in Nepal. It also follows the lunar calendar, mostly coinciding with the Tibetan lunar calendar New Year. The Tibetan Astrological system is an integration of the Chinese (Rgya Nag) and Indian (Rgya Dkar)/Kalachakra systems. Bhikshuni

Saturday March 6
Your Week Ahead

Aren't the planets just dots of distant light in the sky? Can they really influence our lives? They can, in the same way that hands on a clock, can tell us what to expect in the near future. No chronometer ever forces us to stick to a schedule. But when we know what time it is, we instinctively make decisions that seem appropriate to the hour. Mars, this week, changes direction. There may be no logical reason why this causes millions of people to gain more energy and purpose. But we will see and feel it happening... nonetheless.

Sunday March 7
Wondering about Wonderland and Week Ahead Love Focus

Matt Lucas turned 36 on Friday. I hear he's good as Tweedledum in Alice In Wonderland - but is he, I wonder, as good in the role of Tweedledee? And should those roles really have gone to someone born under the sign of the twins? Then again, the Pisces symbol is two fish, swimming in opposite directions. So that fits. The other Pisceans in this film are Timothy Spall and Alan Rickman. The Geminis are Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee. In fact, the whole zodiac is represented. Crispin Glover (Knave of Hearts) is Aries. Tim Pigott-Smith and Paul Whitehouse are Taureans, Martin Csokas and Geraldine James are Cancerians, Frances Delatour and Barbara Windsor are Leos, Stephen Fry, the Cheshire Cat, is a Virgo as is director, Tim Burton. Mia Wasikowska, (Alice) is a Libran, Anne Hathaway is a Scorpio, Michael Gogh (the Dodo) is a Sagittarian, born 1917! Imelda Staunton is a Capricorn, Michael Sheen (The White Rabbit) is an Aquarian. Lewis Carroll, by the way, was an Aquarian too!

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