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March 8 2010 to March 14 2010

Monday March 8
Photos of Phobos

Last July, on American television, Buzz Aldrin made a startling statement. Aldrin is, or was, an astronaut, the second person ever to set foot on the Moon. During his interview, he spoke about a different moon, orbiting another planet. He mentioned Phobos, one of the two tiny moons of Mars, discovered in 1877. He said there's a monolith on its surface. I've since seen pictures. I can't say what the monolith is doing there, how big it is and whether it is 'natural' or 'constructed'. Nobody can... yet. But along with many other people, I find it very exciting.

Tuesday March 9

A monolith can be a natural object. A mountain is a kind of monolith, as are the standing stones found in many places around the globe. We don't fully know the story of all the monoliths in our own world and can only speculate about the one that stands out, like a sore thumb, on Phobos, one of the moons of Mars. It certainly 'looks' artificial. But then, some scientists suspect that Phobos, itself, is hollow. They think it just might be a giant satellite, deliberately placed in orbit by ancient inhabitants of the red planet, countless centuries ago.

Wednesday March 10

I've been writing recently about Phobos, one of the moons of Mars. Is it really an artificial, satellite, created by ancient inhabitants of the red planet? I don't see how we can rule this out. Nor, it seems, can the 'experts'. Until someone sends a spaceship to take a closer look, there's not enough information to go on. Within the next ten years we will, I predict, receive evidence from somewhere, if not from Phobos, that we are not (or have not always been) 'alone' in the cosmos. That discovery, when it comes, will focus a lot of minds.

Thursday March 11
Representing Earth

Hi Jonathan,
You recently mentioned Mars. For a while now I've wondered what kind of horoscope someone who was born on Mars, or any other planet for that matter, would get. Presumably Earth would figure in their chart and thus, in their forecasts? If, broadly speaking, Mars is power and Venus love, what would Earth represent? James

Dear James,
I really don't know! If or when a child is ever born on another planet (or on the Moon), the world's astrologers will no doubt watch very carefully, test out various theories and carefully discuss their findings over many years.

Friday March 12

Dear Mr Cainer,
The Chilean earthquake may have changed Earth's 'figure axis' by three inches and shortened the length of our days by 1.26 milliseconds. Should we worry? Martha

Hi Jonathan,
And would it affect astrology? Many people seem to be feeling 'off'. Christine

Dear Martha,
Earth is 4.5 billion years old. It was clearly built to last and designed to a very high standard. I'm not worried. As for Christine's question... we are all on one boat. It has just gone through a rough patch. Sensitive people are bound to feel this, even if they weren't directly involved.

Saturday March 13
Your Week Ahead

Last month, there was no Full Moon in Australia! Because of the time difference Down Under, the Moon wasn't fully full, till March 1. There'll be another Full Moon at the end of March. So, for those whose clocks run furthest ahead, this is a month with two full moons. A 'Blue Moon' month. They had one in January too (though the rest of the world got it in December). This whole business is just a quirk of the calendar. It means nothing. But this weekend's NEW moon is genuinely powerful. Wherever you are, if you've got a wish, make it tonight.

Sunday March 14

Christian Bale was born on January 30, 1974. He's an eccentric Aquarian, but that, alone does not explain his recent odd behaviour. In 2008, he had a nasty row with his family. And just last week, his sister was declared bankrupt yet he wouldn't 'bale' her out. His horoscope contains an active South Lunar Node. The legendary astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, defined this as a 'point of self-undoing'. In Christian's chart, that node is conjunct his Saturn which, in turn, forms a grand trine to Uranus and Mercury. In other words, his blessing is his curse. As an actor, he can open himself up to anyone and anything. But as a person, he can close himself off. Most astrologers would agree that the way to overcome this is through psychoanalysis. If only he lived in a city full of therapists... and could afford their fees. Oh hang on, he does... and he can! Maybe there's hope for him after all.

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