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March 15 2010 to March 21 2010

Monday March 15
No Substitute

Dear Jonathan,
While you were on your holiday the other week, I thought Steve Judd was great! Excellent! He's spot on. Lauran

Dear Lauran,
Yours is not the only complimentary remark that Steve's work has attracted. It is, of course, a risk I take whenever I go away. What if the readers like my replacement so much, they don't want me back? And I have to say, his forecast for my sign each day came surprisingly close to some of the issues in my own life. Hmmm. Perhaps I should try not to take another break for a while!

Tuesday March 16
Good News About Bad News

Dear Jonathan,
The news over the past few weeks seems to have been particularly bad: earthquakes, kidnappings, bombings, storms and floods. Are we under any kind of influence that makes us more inclined towards unhappiness and anger at the moment? If we are, will it pass? And will the media ever understand how much damage all this bad news does to people's minds? Ruth

Dear Ruth,
Ever since I can remember, the news has been worse than I can ever remember. But I don't think things are actually deteriorating. It's just that more of us are becoming more sensitive.

Wednesday March 17
Games People Play

Dear Jonathan,
My uncle once told me his theory of life and the universe. He said that many gods were playing a game together and that we were their pieces, being manipulated over a giant spherical board. Recently have I been curious about astrology. Could these gods he refers to have names such as Mars, Venus, Pluto? Cheryl

Dear Cheryl,
Well they could, but I don't much like the word 'gods'. It implies entities with a power greater than our own. I prefer to think that the planets create impulses, which we can choose whether to follow or overcome.

Thursday March 18
Out to Lunch

Dear Jonathan,
Your recent comments about a monolith on a Martian moon make me wonder whether we humans we were so advanced at some point in history that we actually made it to Mars. Or maybe we're descended from Martians who had to abandon their planet and settle on Earth? Perhaps the 'big shift' of consciousness in 2012 will tie in with your prediction of proof that we're 'not alone'. Imagine if the next space probe that goes to Phobos finds a Post-It note on the monolith saying 'Just popped out. Back soon. Key under the mat.'

Friday March 19
Opportunity Equinox

Is this the spring equinox or the autumn equinox? That depends on which hemisphere you happen to be in this weekend. But all over the globe, this is a time when days and nights are of equal length. There's potent symbolism in this balance of light and dark. No wonder so many people feel inspired to address anomalies in their lives. The equinox also marks a holiday in Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, Iran, Japan, Turkey and Zanzibar. And for those in the boating community of Annapolis, USA, the change of season is celebrated with a ritual 'burning of the socks'.

Saturday March 20
Your Week Ahead

According to ancient Persian legend, Jamshid, the mythological king, ascended to the throne at the equinox. It is a holiday in Iran - and also in Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, India, Japan, Turkey and Zanzibar. There may be no official celebration in other parts of the world... but at both the spring and autumn equinoxes, many people instinctively feel the urge to clean their homes and clear their clutter. The equinox is all about the balance of day and night. This impulse to rebalance our lives is a clear response to a powerful cosmic influence.

Sunday March 21
The Week Ahead - Love Focus

Librans think Leos shouldn't say what's on their mind. Leos think Librans shoud mind what they say. Librans see Leos as pig-headed. Leos think Librans are big-headed. Librans think that Leos think that Leos know best. Leos know, beyond all and any doubt, that Leos know best. These two signs can get along well, but there'll always be a power struggle. Sam's a Leo. Kate's a Libran. They were once deeply drawn to each other. Now, no matter how they insist that all is amicable, they're in a contest to see which can find most fault with the other. Interestingly, both have a good astrological outlook. For Leos, this is a time for reclaiming lost confidence. For Librans, 2010 is all about finding fresh strength. Sam may seem to move on quicker than Kate, but Kate was born under the sign of the scales. She'll soon be weighing up another offer!

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