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April 5 2010 to April 11 2010

Monday April 5
The Gravity of the Situation

Dear Jonathan,
You recently wrote about gravity. Some say it is a 'weak force', but below each of us is a column of 'earth' comprising many thousands of tons that are prevented by gravity from flying off into space centrifugally. The forces involved would snap rope. Lloyd

Dear Jonathan,
If you removed Jupiter from our solar system it would alter the distance of the Earth from the Sun, the length of a year and the number of times the Moon revolves around the Earth each year. I'm amazed anyone doubts that the planets affect each other physically. John

Tuesday April 6
Subtlety Allowed

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent forecast, you wrote "Why do some rock bands turn up their amplifiers so loud? Because, without that noise, their songs have no power and drama." Erm, wrong Jonathan. Rock bands turn up loud because its exciting, for the audience and the band. Volume doesn't necessarily mean bad songs. Hendrix, The Who, Deep Purple, Tim Buckley, Are not their songs meaningful, touching, intelligent? Scorpio Bass player

Dear Scorpio bass player,
I hate offending anyone, least of all a Scorpio and a fellow bass player. But I was just trying to make a point... about subtlety!

Wednesday April 7
Strangely Strange but Oddly Normal

The Large Hadron Collider has been switched on again in Switzerland. For over a week, tiny subatomic particles have been crashing into each other at great speeds. Yet, so far, these have neither created a black hole, nor corrupted the fabric of space and time, causing us to slip into a parallel universe. But, then, a parallel universe is a world almost exactly like this one, in which just a few key factors are different. If we did pass through such a portal, we might not even know. If you have noticed anything strange lately, perhaps this is why!

Thursday April 8
Parallel Universe

Yesterday, I suggested the Large Hadron Collider might tip us into an 'parallel universe' where most things are the same but some key factors are significantly different. I jokingly pointed out that if this happened, we might not even know. The experts who develop such theories agree. The shift could be almost imperceptible. Keeping my tongue in my cheek, I must add that even the scientists in Switzerland can't say that such a development is totally impossible! Tomorrow, I'll explain what else is 'spooky' about the collider. Assuming, that is, we're not all in an alternate world by then.

Friday April 9
The Indefinite Particle

Subatomic particles are funny things. Invisible, mysterious and erratic. Scientists are now smashing them together in The Large Hadron Collider in an attempt to reveal secrets of the universe that might radically change our understanding of the world. It may even allow us to rewrite the rules of time. Apparently, they don't intend to get the Collider up to full speed till 2013. Meanwhile, the 'long count calendar' of the ancient Mayan civilisation 'runs out' in 2012. Some say this signifies the imminent end of time as we know it.' I wonder if these two events are connected?

Saturday April 10
Your Week Ahead

The Moon is about to play its monthly game of hide and seek. Soon after the weekend, it will become entirely invisible, bringing a few days of special sensitivity, much beloved by mystics and psychics. They call it The Dark of The Moon. That spell breaks towards the weekend when the Moon re-appears once more. But if you then gaze towards that toenail-shaped sliver of moonlight, you'll see Venus brightly shining by its side. A Moon-Venus conjunction is always a promise of good news if you seek new love... or new understanding in an old relationship.

Sunday April 11
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Profile of Baseball Star Ichiro Suzuki

When I looked at Ichiro Suzuki's horoscope, I learned something new about astrology. He was born under a particular alignment that is traditionally considered 'an unfortunate disadvantage'. He has Saturn, the planet of self-discipline, conjunct 'the South Node of the Moon.' This usually suggests the kind of person who experiences problems whenever they try to apply a firm discipline to their lives. It crops up, for example, in the birth charts of some drug addicts. It's not that they can't stick at something. You could argue that to be an addict takes commitment, loyalty and determination. It's more the case that, perversely, they tend to stick at something which is bad for them. Yet how can Ichiro's amazing talent and his stunning success be considered a problem? One clue to the meaning of this can be found in the rest of his birth chart. It doesn't really speak of a sporting legend. It better describes someone 'unique'. An exceptional oddball. A person who thinks differently. An eccentric. Another clue comes from Ichiro's own description of his father's influence on his life. He has hinted that this was intense and difficult. He seems to have experienced his father's 'encouragement' as pressure. There are reports that his father instructed one his first coaches never to offer Ichiro praise, no matter how good he was. This way, his father figured, Ichiro would grow 'spiritually strong'. Saturn, in the birth chart, often depicts 'the influence of the father in childhood' and Saturn conjunct the South Node would definitely fit a person who grew up feeling oppressed or 'stunted' by a strong paternal character. By a classic, modern, 'western psychological definition', Ichiro seems to have had a hard childhood... which has given rise to 'issues' that still dominate his life and thoughts to this day. But can we really call this a 'problem?' After all, his psychological 'issue' is a part of what makes him a living legend and an international superstar. Would he be a happier man if he had less success on the field but an easier relationship with his father? Perhaps. But then happiness is not necessarily Ichiro's main objective. He does not feel he wants to be happy. He feels that he wants to be committed to his game. That's the 'addict' thing. And look how all that fits in to the picture of an 'oddball Libran' who nobody else can fully understand. We watch his genius at play and all we see is how wonderful he is. We admire his skill, his grace, his consistency... even his humility. We also admire his success. None of us understand the idea that we perhaps ought to pity him for having developed such deep inner 'drive'. Ichiro once said, 'The Japanese have a strong tendency to suppress their own feelings. That's the Japanese character. They kill their own emotions.' We know that this statement is much more true of some Japanese people than it is of others. It is tempting to wonder if Ichiro chose to say it because it is particularly true of himself!
From now on, when I encounter anyone who has a connection between Saturn and the South Node, I will remember Ichiro's example - and I will advise them that they have the same potential that he does... not necessarily to become a great baseball player - but to turn what is almost a 'weakness for dedication' into a world-class strength!

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