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April 26 2010 to May 2 2010

Monday April 26
Saturn and Uranus Exact Alignment

Saturn and Uranus are in direct opposition - again. Over the past couple of years, this planetary pattern has stirred up uncertainty and insecurity around the world. The alignment becomes exact today... and remains close till late July, when these two planets oppose each other one last time. It will then be decades before they form such an angle again. Meanwhile, we had best prepare for more global tension and turmoil. These planets are 'shaking us up' with a view to waking us up... so we make choices which take us all down a wiser path in years to come.

Tuesday April 27
Saturn and Uranus

Yesterday, I mentioned the opposition of Saturn and Uranus that's exact right now... and repeats in July. This forms the horizontal bar of this year's 'Cosmic Cross' or T-square. Pluto comes as near as it can to making the vertical bar complete during August and September, once Saturn and Uranus have passed their point of greatest antagonism. That's also when June's Jupiter/Uranus conjunction repeats. Upheavals may continue for several months but just as the T- square comes close to completion yet never fully culminates, I foresee much that seems worrying... yet turns out to be just fine.

Wednesday April 28
How High the Moon?

Often, when the Moon is full, I write something lighthearted about werewolves, vampires or other mythical creatures that are reputed to transform themselves at such times. I'm always keen to remind people of the passions that can run high... and the strange moods that some people can enter. But not all Full Moon madness is wild and 'edgy'. Artists, poets and musicians frequently find themselves becoming inspired at this time of the month. Even those of us with more mundane interests can enjoy a burst of creative energy. If you're looking for new solutions, you may see some soon!

Thursday April 29
Take Courage

In 2008, while Saturn and Uranus began their recent series of oppositions, problems in the US 'sub-prime' housing market created global chaos. Would that downturn have been as deep if so many people hadn't expressed so much worry? In 2010, a volcanic eruption led to cancelled flights across Northern Europe. Did the authorities overreact? Both events occurred during the slow build up to a Saturn/Uranus opposition. Both might have had very different consequences had they been met with more courage. That's worth noting as we now edge towards July's final opposition in this celestial sequence.

Friday April 30
Gaia Pyre Grounds the Flyer

Crows can use tools and make clever plans. Chimpanzees grieve for their dead children. An octopus can open a bottle with a tentacle. Where, once, people were inclined to deny the intelligence of animals, we've seen too many wildlife documentaries to doubt it any more. Might the planet itself, have 'consciousness'? Those who believe that air travel damages Earth see poetic justice in Earth, erupting to prevent air travel. Some are even calling it the deliberate act of a 'thinking entity'. I predict that this idea of our world as a single, sentient being will soon gain more momentum.

Saturday May 1
Your May Monthly Forecast

Some call it a T-square. Others refer to it as a Cosmic Cross. Whatever you call this cosmic configuration, it is coming in August and one way or another, it will touch all our lives. Why mention it now, at the beginning of May? Because this event involves slow-moving planets which take a while to align. Jupiter, this month, joins forces with Uranus on one side of the sky. Both will then oppose Saturn. This first part of what will eventually form the great planetary pattern means this month brings powerful, positive change to many of us.

Sunday May 2
Your Week Ahead

Jonathan wrote the following article about a footballer for his Japanese readers.

Shunsuke Nakamura is either about to enjoy his best year ever... or his worst! There will be no half measures. Nor will there be anything ordinary about his life off the pitch. Shunsuke is a Cancerian with Sagittarius rising. This places his Sun, his Mercury and his Jupiter, all in Cancer, all in his 7th house. That says plenty about his sense of loyalty and commitment. He's a true team player, in that he values the talents and abilities of his fellow footballers. He knows how to create chances, he knows when he is needed and what he is needed for... and because he has Mars in Virgo, he never misses a detail. The slightest chance is all he ever requires. He'll spot it in an instance and deftly turn it into a brilliant opportunity. Shunsuke is straightfoward. Simple. A person without too many complications or inner conflicts. Yet something about his horoscope makes him mysterious in the eyes of others. People find him enigmatic, mysterious, unpredictable. On the field, this works in his favour. Opponents never quite know what to expect from him, not necessarily because he's deliberately deceptive but because he is somehow hard to 'read'. The reason I say that this is either his best, or worst, ever season is because it coincides with the rare cosmic cross or 'T square' that culminates later this year. Key points of that alignment touch exactly and directly on sensitive positions in his chart. The cosmic cross is life changing. It will bring out, in millions of us, a desire to be all that we can be. It will also trigger events that somehow make this possible. Looking more carefully at how this big alignment touches on Shunsuke's horoscope, I see the potential for him to shine as never before, to draw the attention and admiration of an awestruck audience... and to bring great glory to his team. I'm reluctant to say this lest it comes across as pressure. But then we're dealing here, with a man who can handle high expectations. And in honour of his spirit... and because I know that there are expectations on me, too, to make a clear prediction... I am going to finish this article by returning to my ambiguous opening remarks and adjusting them. Shunsuke Nakamura is about to enjoy his best year ever!

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