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June 7 2010 to June 13 2010

Monday June 7
14 Year Switch

Jupiter and Uranus are now in conjunction. These two planets meet only once every 14 years or so and always herald sudden, dramatic change. Usually they bring a scientific breakthrough. They were conjunct, for example on the day of the first moon landing in 1969. This particular alignment is exceptional because it happens at the first degree of Aries - a sign famously linked to new beginnings. And Uranus is currently in opposition to Saturn which, in turn, is forming a right angle to Pluto. That's the 'cosmic cross' or 'T- square', on which I'll say more (much more) soon.

Tuesday June 8

If you want to know what today's conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus really means, look around. Note the sense of new possibility in the air. Look at the plans people are starting to make, the visions they are allowing themselves to entertain and the changes they are going through. We're still living, of course, in tense and trying times. There are still many seemingly impossible challenges that individuals, and nations, must try to rise to. But, despite all that worries us about the state of the world, there's hope in the hearts of millions. Coming events will nurture that.

Wednesday June 9

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. The ancients saw it as a 'protector spirit', a powerful 'god' who looks after us all. Modern astronomers refuse to read meaning into the planets - but they have to concede that here, at least, those seers might have had a point. Because it is so big, Jupiter often attracts stray heavenly bodies that might otherwise collide with the Earth. Back in 1994, comet Shoemaker-Levy plunged into the surface of Jupiter. Last year, an asteroid hit it, and only last week, amateur astronomers captured film of yet another big impact.

Thursday June 10
Thank Your Lucky Stars

Dear Jonathan,
Years ago I read in an astrology book that someone born with an 'afflicted position' in his chart could cause cruelty. The example they gave was Hitler, born on the cusp of Aries/Taurus. Several massacres all happened on either April 19 or 20. Coincidence? W.H.

Dear W.H.,
An 'afflicted position' has a very particular meaning involving Mars or Saturn forming a tense angle to another planet in the horoscope. This can happen at any time of year and has nothing to do with 'cusps'. There is really, I promise, no such thing as an 'unlucky date'.

Friday June 11

Dear Jonathan,
I read my forecast every day but I'm wondering how much of what you write is pertinent to me. I have multiple sclerosis and cannot get 'out and about'. I don't work any more. I live alone and am depressed. Julia

Dear Julia,
Under such circumstances, both astrological opportunities and challenges become like strangers who pass first your window, then your door! But, even with this debilitating condition, if you remain positive, you can 'invite them in'. The cosmos still interacts with you. If you ask it for help, it will listen and respond. Please don't feel defeated.

P.S. Since posting this letter a few hours ago, I've had many warm, wonderful emails from people offering to make contact with Julia. These and any further replies that come in will be passed straight to her. One particular reader called Estelle sent a YouTube link that was so touching I felt I wanted to share it with everyone - click here.

Saturday June 12
Your Week Ahead

Last week, Mercury was in Taurus. This week, it's in Gemini. Mars too, has moved on - from Leo to Virgo. And Jupiter has gone from Pisces to Aries. Soon Venus will change signs too, moving from Cancer to Leo. In one way, these are minor changes - part of the regular rhythm of the sky. Yet, because they're happening so close together, while rare planetary alignments are forming, we'll all soon notice a shift in the mood of the world. But as you'll see from your forecast this week, all the changes and challenges have the potential to be positive.

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