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January 25 2010 to January 31 2010

Monday January 25
Scale Model

The 'big story' of 2010 involves an unusual pattern in the sky. Roughly, this shape will resemble a set of old-fashioned weighing scales. In one 'pan', we'll have Jupiter. Saturn will be over on the other side. If we were simply weighing these planets, Jupiter would count for far more. But what hangs in the balance here, is 'influence'. Saturn and Jupiter represent contrasting forces. Jupiter is about freedom of choice, Saturn symbolises inevitability. Jupiter represents opportunity. Saturn stands for limitation. In this respect, they're evenly matched. But Saturn carries extra weight this year. I'll explain more tomorrow.

Tuesday January 26
Milky Weigh

Yesterday, I suggested that soon, Saturn and Jupiter will sit on either side of a heavenly scale... each trying to outweigh the other. Saturn this year, is in a part of the sky that gives it more power. Jupiter may be physically bigger - but, astrologically, it is weaker. So does this mean the planet of conformity and tradition will prove stronger than the planet of adventure and justice? Not necessarily. Uranus, the cosmic magician, is coming to stand right by Jupiter, tipping the scales back Jupiter's way. Now Saturn is disadvantaged. Or is it? Don't miss tomorrow's exciting instalment!

Wednesday January 27
Saturn Strikes Back

Welcome back to Day Three of our mini-serial, Star Wars: 2010! The story so far involves a 'stand-off' between Saturn (in the villain's cloak) and Jupiter (wearing the hero's hat). Once a decade, these two planets line up on opposite sides of the sky and test each other's strength. This time, Saturn has the edge. It is 'better placed' than Jupiter. But now, seeing Jupiter's need for help, Uranus is racing to its side. Saturn, though, has an ally too! Dark Pluto can't actually join Saturn but it can tip the scales in its favour. More soon.

Thursday January 28
Dot Matrix

Over the past few days, I have been trying to describe the quadruple alignment we are expecting later this year. If you treat the four planets involved as 'dots' in a dot-to-dot puzzle and join them together, you would get an equal-sided triangle. Why, if there are four dots, do you only get a triangle, not a square? A good question! Because two of the dots are side by side. We treat this pair as one. If ever an alignment had the potential to change all our lives, it is this 'power struggle in the sky.'

Friday January 29
Full Moon

No matter where you go on Earth, the moon is always in the same phase. The only anomaly is that if, in Europe, the left side of the Moon is dark, the shadow will be on the right when viewed from Australia. We'll all see a Full Moon tonight, but what we see in it is another matter. Some will envisage the face of a man. Others may perceive a figure carrying a lantern or a lady with her hair up wearing a jewelled necklace. Maoris see a woman by a tree; the Japanese, a rabbit making rice cake.

Saturday January 30
Your Monthly Forecast for February

As we approach the month of February, it is hard not to think about one day, right in the middle of the month. It fascinates so many people. It holds forth so much promise. And yet, from an astrological point of view, there's nothing special about Valentine's Day. Or at least, usually there isn't. This month, as it so happens, February 8 brings a conjunction of Venus and Neptune, February 14 will coincide with a conjunction of the Sun and Neptune. And a few days later, there will be a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. All these alignment augur well, not just for lovers but for all who hope to fill their hearts and lives with more love.

Sunday January 31
Week Ahead - Love Focus

At Jools Holland's New Year Hootenanny, I got chatting to a nice young man in the bar. He was about the same age as one of my daughters... and he gleefully told me about a trick you can play on your mates if you've got a banana... and a pin. You make two lines of tiny holes down the skin and, hey presto, when you pass them the fruit, it unpeels itself! I couldn't imagine ever wanting to do this, but I liked his enthusiasm. Later, I realised I'd been talking to Paolo Nutini! Born January 9, 1987, Paolo has Mars in Aries. In 2010, Jupiter and Uranus will go right over this part of his chart. He's got a great year ahead - and, having heard him sing and seen his chart, I predict his success will endure as long as that of his fellow Capricorns: Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Annie Lennox... even the late great Elvis Presley!

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