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December 20 2010 to December 26 2010

Monday December 20

In the Southern Hemisphere, it's the Summer Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, it's the Winter Solstice. Whatever it is, wherever you live, it's the reason why this time of year has always been associated with a festival of renewal, reflection and revival. This year, alongside the seasonal cycle, there's an unusual development. The Moon, shortly before moving from Gemini to Cancer, opposes the Sun just moments before it moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn. This is no ordinary full moon. The Sun, Earth and Moon align to produce an eclipse. That's a deeply auspicious omen, just in time for Christmas.

Tuesday December 21
Magic Moments

How rare is it for a Lunar Eclipse to fall on the Solstice? It last happened in 1638 and again, in 1703. There was a partial eclipse as recently as December 21, 1991. Did the world change after any of those alignments? Not immediately. Not obviously. But what's much harder to quantify, because history has no way to record it, is how many people changed their minds about crucial matters, how many hearts were touched, how many magic moments were experienced. The whole time between now and the Solar Eclipse on January 4, is due to be exceptionally magical.

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Wednesday December 22
A Star is Born

It's still the Solstice. Twice a year, for three days running, the Sun rises at exactly the same point along the horizon before slowly starting to retrace its previous path. It's no coincidence that this happens just before Christmas. The date was deliberately chosen by the early church to fit in with a pre-existing festival. Not even the most ardent Christians believe Jesus was actually born in December. Which means that 'the star' those three wise men were following could have been any unusual alignment, at any time in the year 1AD, give or take a few years.

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Thursday December 23
All We Want For Christmas

For some, Christmas is about food and drink. For others, it's about games and rituals. It may be about who you spend time with or what you believe - or it may be about what you haven't got. What you wish you had. Who you can't be with, what you can't do, why you feel alienated from other people. I'm keenly conscious, at this time of year, that for those who are sad, the spirit of the season may simply emphasise a stark, regrettable contrast. I will attempt to show some sensitivity to that in my forecasts over the festive season.

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Friday December 24
Sanity Clause

Many people suspect the modern Santa was defined by the artist, Haddon Sundblom in a series of adverts for Coca Cola during the 1930s. He, though, was merely echoing the vision of Thomas Nast in the 1860s. If we have to thank just one person for Mr Claus as we know him now, it's surely Clement Clarke Moore whose Night Before Christmas was first published in 1823. I've taken the liberty of starting each forecast today with a line from this poem. I wish you the compliments of the season... and to my fellow vegetarians, a happy nut roast.

Saturday December 25
Two Week Ahead 18th to 31st December 2010

Happy Christmas.

The links on this page take you to your 2 week festive forecast, which first appeared last Saturday but remains current till New Year. Normal service will resume tomorrow with your usual Sunday love focus forecast.

Sunday December 26
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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