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February 1 2010 to February 7 2010

Monday February 1

Dear Jonathan,
Do your readings apply to men as much as to women? I'm a Gemini with an Aquarian friend. Even though we are supposed to get on, he is aloof. I look to your predictions to explain his behaviour. Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,
My readings are definitely as much for women as for men. Or vice versa. I like to think I write for the 'softer side' of everyone. Geminis and Aquarians usually do get on, but that doesn't stop Aquarians from being emotionally reserved! Why bother reading his forecast? Just read your own. All the advice you need is there.

Tuesday February 2
Affinity and Beyond

Dear Jonathan, I've just started working with someone who has the same birthday as me but was born some years later. That's never happened to me before. Is there any significance in this? Ann

Dear Ann, Some astrologers see such meetings as an indication that both individuals are getting special celestial support. There is, though, a one in 365 chance of it happening. That's far more likely than, say, a lottery win. You've got a good potential friend here. If you ever meet someone who shares your date and year, you can definitely expect to develop an exceptional affinity.

Wednesday February 3
Intuition Permission

Hello Jonathan, When you mentioned your daughter guessing how a spinning coin would land, it reminded me that, from a young age, I 'saw things' that others did not. But there was nobody to discuss it with. Wendy

Dear Jonathan,
As a child I 'knew' many things in advance. I took this for granted and was surprised when my friends couldn't see what, to me, was clear as day. J.

Dear Jonathan,
I'm a pre-school teacher. My colleagues often talk about nurturing intuition in children. We think the best technique is to stand back and let it happen. Stephanie

Thursday February 4
The gift

Hi Jonathan,
When I was a child, I used to sense what the people around me were feeling and could anticipate what they might do next. I was more right than wrong. This went on until I was in my twenties. Then I learned I could cut the 'gift' by reducing the amount I slept and learning to 'party' more. I often wonder if I could have developed that ability if I had had help. Dave

Dear Jonathan,

I agree that education should do more to acknowledge intuition. I am busy promoting it quietly in my art classroom. Michele

Friday February 5
Only You

Hi Jonathan,
I'm a Pisces. How can my forecast can be the same as the forecast for every other Pisces? Ruth

Dear Ruth,
About 7 billion people live on Earth. Assuming an even distribution of birthdays, that's about 600,000,000 Pisceans. Are they all the same? Of course not. Do they share some characteristics? Definitely. Will they all have the same kind of day? Kind of. They're likely to face similar challenges, issues and opportunities, but these will manifest in many different ways. And here's the real magic. When you read your forecast, it speaks to you... and only you!

Saturday February 6
Your Week Ahead

You can't see Venus in the sky at the moment. If you've lately noticed a bright light, just around nightfall, it will have been Jupiter, the planet of hope. It's not until next weekend that Venus reappears in the evening sky, quite close to Jupiter. That's nice and auspicious for Valentine's Day. But we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. This week's big story is an invisible alignment between Venus and Neptune. Neither can be seen, but both can be felt. Expect secret outbreaks of wistful, romantic idealism in the hearts and minds of millions!

Sunday February 7
Week Ahead Part Two - Love Focus

I could be wrong. I'm getting on a bit these days and my memory's not what it was... but isn't there some kind of special festival later this week? Hang on, it's coming back to me. Something to do with chocolates? Flowers? Or could it be football? That certainly seems to be where most of the love interest lies these days. John Terry is a Sagittarian, born December 7, 1980. Sagittarians are famously fortunate. With all that he's now put at risk, Terry's going to need every last bit of that luck in the months to come. Working in his favour is the fact that Wayne Bridge is a Leo, born August 5, also in 1980. Leos are always keen to defend their dignity. It won't take Wayne long to work out that his best bet is to let it all get left back in the past. And his team, Manchester City, play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge later this month. So then, at least, Terry won't be playing away. Perhaps it's a sign?

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