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February 8 2010 to February 14 2010

Monday February 8
Magna Charter

Dear Jonathan,
Is astrology only for people - or can it be applied to anything? If, for instance, you have the time and place of an animal's birth, could you give it a horoscope? And if one could agree on the completion date of an object like a plane, book or building, would it be possible to see its future? Russell

Dear Russell,
In theory, anything that has a 'moment of birth' can have a horoscope. Not many astrologers cast charts for animals but plenty work successfully with project launch dates or the precise moments when important documents were signed.

Tuesday February 9
Dampening of the Spirit

Last week, I shared a letter from a reader who said that he used to be very psychic... but then learned how to 'damp down' his gift by drinking. I didn't comment at the time, but I have been thinking about it ever since. I suspect we are all born with great sensitivity. Nobody shows us how to develop this, so most of us just push it to the backs of our minds. I rather feel the bars of this world are full of people who'd be far better off learning to see spirits of a very different kind!

Wednesday February 10
Similarity Disparity

Dear Jonathan,
Recently you published a letter from Ann, whose colleague shares her birthdate. I share the same birthdate with two workmates, one older, one younger. We get on well and are each married to schoolteachers! Rob

Dear Jonathan,
I had a colleague with the same birth date. We didn't like each other one bit. Jili

Dear Rob and Jili,
Sometimes, similarities attract... sometimes, they repel!

Thursday February 11
Turning Japanese

If you think that sometimes, my daily predictions are not easy to understand, spare a thought for the team of translators who are now turning them into Japanese! I have been in Tokyo all this week, trying to give helpful clues... and on Sunday, I gave a talk to an invited audience at a prestigious local venue. Afterwards, I shook more than a 100 hands. I was then presented with nearly 100 questions, all handwritten on nice little cards. Over the next few weeks, I'll get them translated and do my best to answer these, here in this column.

Friday February 12
Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

We enter the Dark of The Moon this weekend. We also enter the year of the Golden Tiger. And Sunday is Valentine's Day. The cosmos will not oblige people to fall in love with each other on Sunday... but those who choose to believe that this is a special time for romance will make it so! Likewise, for all who follow the Chinese or Tibetan Calendar, this is a time for celebration. And while it's perfectly possible to get through the next few days without even a single psychic experience, if you're open to visions, you should see plenty!

Saturday February 13
Your Week Ahead

Valentine's Day this year coincides with a new moon in the sign of Aquarius. While Aquarius is not always thought of as a 'romantic sign', new moons are mystical and powerful. They melt away barriers, even in the hearts of those who are most emotionally reserved. The annual new moon in Aquarius also serves another function. It heralds the arrival of Asian New Year. This one is the year of the golden tiger! Regardless of how the weekend pans out, we can all expect the next few months to bring us much magic and joy.

Sunday February 14
Week Ahead Part Two - Love Focus

If Simon Cowell didn't exist, we would have to invent him. Simon recognised this long ago. That's why he invented himself. By which, I mean the real Simon Cowell - shy, kind and clever - identified a vacancy in the world of entertainment, for a special sort of pantomime villain. When Librans see a gap, they can't help but want to fill it. So in the absence of another suitable candidate, sweet Simon created sharp Simon; not as an actor creates a character, but as a caterpillar creates a butterfly. This made him famous, successful... and moody.
I suspect he misses the person he used to be. People who feel they are not being true to themselves always find close relationships challenging, but until or unless he steps out of the limelight, this is unlikely to alter. Nor, I fear, is his tendency to get close, but not too close to a partner... and then, when he separates, to step back, but not too far back. Let's hope that's what his new flame, Mezghan (pronounced mish-gon) Hussainy, wants too.

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