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February 22 2010 to February 28 2010

Monday February 22
Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Dear Jonathan,
I'm a Pisces. A few years ago my horoscope read that travel could be dangerous. I'll never forget it because that same day I was in a car accident. Not a bad one. But when I exchanged information with the woman that hit me her initials were the same as mine, as was her birthday. Coincidence or fate? Patti

Dear Patti,
That forecast can't have been one of mine. I hope I'd never make such a statement. I wonder if she had also read the same prediction and the two of you were both driving nervously as a result?

Tuesday February 23
Date With Fate

Dear Jonathan, When I was a child I loved to write stories or letters to people. My Mum was forever buying me new notebooks. I also kept a diary of sorts. At the age of eight, I stopped keeping it. I can't remember why. The last entry was March 11. Twenty-five years later, my father passed away, with me holding his hand, on March 11. It seems I might have had a premonition of sorts. Michelle

Dear Michelle,
I have written quite a lot, lately, about the psychic abilities of children. I think this is, indeed, another example.

Wednesday February 24
Rise and Shine

Hi Jonathan,
How does one become master of their fear? It seems to be a two-steps-forwards-and-three-steps-back process. I go through phases where I can conquer it all, then I'm back to square one. Mo Dear Mo,
I'm not sure anyone ever becomes a master, or mistress, of anything. When though, we keep doing (or trying to do) anything, we gradually get better at it. The fact that sometimes, at least, you can rise above your fear is something to be glad of. If you can beat it once, you can do it again.

Thursday February 25
Shining Examples

Dear Jonathan,
You recently said Twinkle Twinkle Little Star could allude to Venus or Jupiter. My mother taught me that stars twinkle, not planets. Elizabeth
Dear Elizabeth,

Your mother was right - but sometimes, some planets shine so brightly, they shimmer.

Dear Jonathan,
I wondered how fast the moon moves. So I watched a full moon through the branches of a tree, picking a point near the leading edge and counting until the trailing edge passed the same point. While counting to 90, I saw a pentagram described by twigs against the circle of the moon. Paul
Dear Paul,

Friday February 26
Chinese Burns

Hi Jonathan,
Gung Hei Fat Choi. Happy Chinese New Year. You mentioned that last weekend might bring some psychic events. On Sunday, my candle flame started leaping wildly. Then a pot of soup flew out of my hand down the back of the cooker. Laura

Dear Jonathan,
Why did you refer to Chinese New Year as Asian New Year? They certainly don't celebrate lunar new year in India or, as you saw for yourself, in Japan. Soo Ling

Dear Soo Ling,
I'm sorry. I'm so sympathetic to Tibet that whenever I hear anything belongs exclusively to China, I get argumentative!

Saturday February 27
Your Monthly Forecast for March

Think of what happens when you drop a bouncy ball down a hole in the ground. It disappears for a while. You wonder if you will ever see it again. Eventually, though, it reaches the lowest point. Then, as long as the ground is firm, up it will come. Mars, the 'determination planet' has been slipping backwards through Leo for some while. It has reversed so far into this sign that it has nearly gone back through into the sign before it. Soon, it springs forward again. For Leos, that's good news. And for the rest of us? A promise of renewed power and passion!

Sunday February 28
Week Ahead - Love Focus

As a teenager, Carey Mulligan auditioned at three different drama schools. They all rejected her. For many, that might have been the end of it. Carey, though, was determined to prove them wrong. But then, Carey is a Gemini - and Geminis, for all they're supposed to be airy-fairy intellectuals, are natural-born fighters. You'd be amazed how many boxers and sports stars have this sign prominent in their birth chart. And Carey does not just have the Sun in Gemini. On May 28, 1985, Mars was in Gemini too, opposing Uranus in Sagittarius. That's a relatively rare configuration. It makes her cussed, rebellious and determined to do whatever anyone says can't be done. Venus and Saturn suggest she has a restless spirit. It may be some while till she settles into a serious long-term relationship. The future of her career, though, is in no doubt. Her star has only just started to rise.

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