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March 21 2011 to March 27 2011

Monday March 21
Opportunity Equinox

It's the equinox, a time when the days and nights are of equal length... and we all get a chance to redress imbalances. If you've got something that you've been meaning to set straight for some while, today's a perfect time to take a symbolic step towards doing that. One imbalance I'd like to reddress is the gloomy view of the future which, for understandable reasons, many people have recently begun to develop. My esteemed colleague, the astrologer Christeen Skinner, says in her latest financial newsletter that over the next few months, 'precious metals should hold their value and, indeed, increase'. Generally, precious metals rise when international insecurities rise. I too, foresee a bumpy few months on the world markets... but the further into the future I gaze, the more I like the look of the global economy. For Japan in particular, the financial outlook is surprisingly rosy.

Tuesday March 22
Wish Upon A Star

Dear Jonathan,
I've seen three shooting stars. My wish hasn't happened. Jess

Dear Jess,
While I appreciate brevity in reader's letters, yours is just a little too short. What did you wish for? Were you too specific? Too vague? Too unrealistic? Too selfish? Were you wishing for something truly appropriate or something unhealthy? How long ago did you wish for it? Are you being impatient? Have you taken any positive action to help the universe help you? My contacts in the Wish Fulfilment Department of the cosmos say these are the usual reasons why wishes are delayed or rejected.

Wednesday March 23
Shot from the Messenger

Have you seen the amazing pictures from the Messenger spacecraft that entered into orbit around Mercury late last week? Already we're learning a lot about that planet. But then, we're also starting to understand a lot about our own planet and the powerful forces within it. We all know that there's molten lava way beneath the Earth. But here's a question: if the tectonic plates effectively rest on a sea of hot 'liquid rock, maybe this ocean below also has tides pulled by the Moon, in much the same way as the moon pulls the oceans on the surface?

Thursday March 24
Waga Magma

You surprise me. The Earth's crust is made from eight tectonic plates beneath which is magma, magnetic molten rock. We are connected to the earth by electromagnetic radiation, commonly called light by physicists. Light consists of two waves, perpendicular and related to each other. One is magnetic, the other is electrical. Changes in the magma affect the magnetic aspect of various types of electromagnetic radiation; waves. This affects the electrical component of the electromagnetic radiation. As this passes through us it affects the electrical impulses in our brains and nerves. Duncan

Dear Duncan,
Er... If you say so...

Friday March 25
Poles Dancing

Dear Jonathan,
The Earth's core does have tides in its own way. Huge dollops of molten rock and iron, some of which is magnetised, all swimming around. It all adds up to a net polarity as we know it now with the North at one end and the South at the other end (almost) of the Earth's axis. This fluid mass of swirling magnets manage to realign themselves the opposite way every so often. It's fairly obvious that it's all going to keep moving for a few years yet. The inertia of that huge mass must be colossal. Jim

Saturday March 26
Your Week Ahead

This week, the Jupiter Saturn opposition culminates, Venus forms a conjunction to Neptune, Mars edges towards conjunction with Uranus, Mercury turns retrograde. If you feel bewildered after reading all those technical statements, you've just about got the measure of how life will be feeling over the next few days Wherever misunderstanding can arise, it will. Wherever delay, confusion or uncertainty can be created, someone will create it. Wherever sudden changes can descend on well organised situations, they'll descend. Yet despite the chaos and craziness, it will be a pleasing week for many of us.

Sunday March 27
Rebecca Black - Friday Night Sensation?

I can't be sure whether Rebecca Black is a Gemini or a Cancerian. She was born near Disneyland, California, on June 21, 1997 and if she had arrived in the evening, the Sun would, by then, have moved into Cancer. Probably though, she's a Gemini. Certainly, she's handling her sudden fame with the kind of sanguine professionalism we might expect from the great communication sign. People have not been very nice about Rebecca or the song 'Friday' that has now gone viral on YouTube and been viewed by untold millions. But Rebecca is 13. Repeat. 13. She makes Justin Bieber look like he's ready for his bus pass. She didn't write "Friday". But she will write future songs. And they'll turn out to be good. I predict she's not going to be remembered as an overnight sensation. She's going to become a household name. For decades to come!

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