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April 18 2011 to April 24 2011

Monday April 18
Register Restraint

Hi Jonathan,
You've written about how some people can 'influence' street lamps etc. My husband managed an electrical store. Once, a lady asked to buy a household appliance but said she could not go near the tills or they would break because she was a psychic who had not yet been 'grounded'. He tested her out and it happened, as she had said. Lyn

Dear Lyn,
Astrologers are bound by a moral code not to take personal advantage of our own predictions. I wonder if telekinetics show similar restraint. It must be very tempting to tweak a till in your favour.

Tuesday April 19

Dear Jonathan,
A friend's mother wrote to say that her son (my friend) had died. Seconds after reading this, while still holding the letter in my hand, the electricity in the southern half of my city failed. Power wasn't restored for hours. Scott

Hi Jonathan, Any coincidence between 1986 Chernobyl and bombing Gadhafi' s bunker and 2011 Fukushima and bombing Gadhafi's compound? Bob

Hello Jonathan,
Last time Pluto was in Capricorn was the late 1700s, about the time of the French Revolution. Now Pluto is in Capricorn again and we have revolutions in the one-time French colonies. Fleur

Wednesday April 20
Plus or Minus 100%

Dear Jonathan,
In percentage terms how accurate would you say your forecasts are. Also how would I know how to interpret them in situations where they could apply to two different but similar situations. And could I become confused by using both tarot and astrology to help foresee the same future event? Steven.

Dear Steven,
They are 100 per cent accurate when they leave my desk - but if misunderstood, they can soon become 100 per cent inaccurate! If a forecast could apply to two different situations, it probably does. And yes, you could well become confused by using tarot and astrology.

Thursday April 21

Hi Jonathan,
Some of those recent comments about the Hadron Collider seem over the top. I'm no rocket scientist, but I am an engineer and have read into nuclear physics. A powerful nuclear explosion would typically involve billions of radioactive atoms being split in rapid succession in a chain reaction, whilst the Hadron Collider is smashing isolated single particles at sub-light speeds. This seems an incredibly small scale affair to be accountable for an earthquake! The scale of natural forces in the Earth is being grossly under estimated, and vice versa for the influence of the Collider. Brett

Friday April 22
To Whom it May Con CERN

Dear Jonathan,
I must comment on recent correspondence regards the Hadron Collider and its possible link to natural disasters. Little wonder the scientific world dismisses astrology when these sorts of comments are being passed back and forth. You are in danger of sounding like medieval peasant folk, afeard of ye Devil's work and irrational superstition. It is absurd to suggest that the New Zealand or Japan earthquake was caused by the Collider. I know you are going to answer, 'How can you be so sure'. But to suggest such stuff is bordering on embarrassing. Please, be more realistic. Roger

Saturday April 23
Your Week Ahead

Mercury changes direction now. It has been going backwards. Now it is moving forward once more. This may only be an optical illusion but it has great symbolic significance. Deals can be done. Arrangements, long held back, can fall into place. Where negotiations or plans have been 'stuck' they're being freed off. And there's a conjunction of Venus and Uranus too. That's a promise of something exotic and unexpected. Perhaps the emergence of a secret admirer for some. A financial windfall for others. Or perhaps a sudden rush of creative inspiration. This looks set to be a good week.

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