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May 21 2012 to May 27 2012

Monday May 21
Sticky Spirits

Dear Jonathan,
For many years I have been doing what many psychics and mediums call spirit rescue; helping ghosts to move on. I have learned that a ghost is a part of a soul but not a whole soul. It relates to the mental or emotional parts of human consciousness. A part of a soul that has an unhealthy attachment to a place or an obsession with trying to achieve something can get stuck somewhere they find it difficult to leave. Through prayer, love and healing they can be helped. As with most healing, compassion is the key. Mark

Tuesday May 22
Sedimentary My Dear

Hello Jonathan,
If past, present and future are all happening at once, that would be an eternal circle. Oh, no, I do not believe that. Susan

Dear Jonathan,
Let's not quibble about what residual ghost-like energies present to us. I've had direct experience to suggest that all time is flowing simultaneously in layers, which feel something like the sedimentary layers visible in rock when it has been laid open to put down a road. I've also had direct experience of ghosts and beings in other dimensions. These are limited by expectation and fear, more than any other laws. Glenda

Wednesday May 23
Fruit of the Lune

Since the Dark of the Moon, a ribbon of light has reappeared. It will widen slowly to become a banana, then a slice of melon until, by early June, it is a whole bright peach. These images are appropriate. During this particular journey of the Moon, many plans will start to bear fruit. The same conditions that gave rise to a solar eclipse last weekend will remain till early June, allowing a glorious lunar eclipse. When, as now, the world is between two eclipses, even the darkest fears have no option but to bow before the brightest hopes.

Thursday May 24

There's a town in Eire where shops still accept the Irish Punt. There may soon be places in Greece where Drachmas are exchanged once more. But Greece is not going to leave the Euro any time soon. Nor is any other member country. As for the current era of international hardship, slow growth and credit crunch? I predict we've got about nine months till the tide begins to turn in a more positive direction. And while we're on the subject of 'negative expectations', I've been asked by several readers if I foresee WWIII? I'm happy to say, I don't!

Friday May 25
Matters that Matter

Astrologers have a moral responsibility never to give predictions about matters that matter to them! If we are not neutral, how can we read our charts objectively? Yesterday, I spoke about the future of the Euro. I only felt able to make this prediction because I have no big opinion, either way, on the matter. But I have already had several cross letters from readers who disapprove of this currency. Apparently, I've as good as supported a cause that they oppose. No wonder Nostradamus wrote cryptic verses in a hybrid language! He was clearly trying not to offend anyone!

Saturday May 26
Your Week Ahead

Mystic tradition tells us that whenever there's one eclipse, shortly followed by another, it is as if a giant, invisible portal opens over the Earth, allowing clear and easy exchange between different etheric realms. Last week brought an annular solar eclipse. Next week, people in some parts of the world (including Australia) will witness a powerful lunar eclipse. The Sun and Moon are currently aligned - not just in two dimensions, but in three. Thus, this week, we are betwixt and between eclipses. Those who wish to try to make the impossible possible may wish to consider themselves blessed!

Sunday May 27
Love Focus - Weekly Update

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