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June 4 2012 to June 10 2012

Monday June 4
Lunar Eclipse

Today, there's a lunar eclipse. By the time Wednesday is over, most of the world will have been blessed by a Transit of Venus. To describe this week as auspicious is like calling a bunjee jump 'exciting'. The other day, I saw some salted almonds that described themselves on the packet as 'exciting!' This is no ordinary excitement. This is the last Transit of Venus that you or I will ever live through. It is a truly potent portent, rich in celestial symbolism. All this week's forecasts reflect the different wonderful possibilities that will soon open up for everyone.

Tuesday June 5
Transit of Venus

The historic Transit of Venus involves the planet of love and creativity, moving across the Sun in broad daylight. It's a strong promise of fresh hope for romantics everywhere and, for all who worry about the world's economic woes, I believe it heralds the beginning of the end of a difficult phase. You don't have to see it in order to benefit from the influence, which is just as well because, actually, you will damage your eyes if you try to watch it without special- strength 'eclipse glasses'. But if you have such equipment, it will be visible at the following times:
Tuesday Halifax NS: 7.03 - 7.21pm; Toronto and New York: 6.03 - 6.21pm; Winnipeg and Chicago: 5.04 - 8.26pm; Calgary and Denver: 4.05 - 7.26 pm; Los Angeles and Victoria BC: 3.06 - 6.25pm; Anchorage: 2.02 - 8.48pm; Honolulu: 12.10 - 6.44pm. Wednesday Auckland: 10.15am - 4.43pm; Sydney 8.16am - 2.44pm; Perth: 9.32am - 12.46pm; Tokyo: 7.10am - 1.47pm; Beijing: 6.10am - 12.49pm; Mumbai: 7.02 - 10.22 am; Moscow: 5.30 - 8.54am; London 5.37 - 5.55 am. The transit will NOT be visible in: Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, most of western and southern Spain, west Africa and the Atlantic coast of Africa.

Wednesday June 6
The Venus Effect

Will your life really change forever now, after the historic Transit of Venus? Frankly, yes... although the transformation won't happen instantly. Like almost all such powerful celestial events, it is a sign of things to come. If you are exceptionally sensitive, you may notice a new idea or understanding arising almost straight away. But it will be over the coming days and weeks that you really feel the difference. Expect a greater willingness to overcome conflict, an enhanced ability to appreciate the best qualities in others and a renewed sense of hope regarding all efforts to attain worldly security

New! I have just watched the amazing Transit of Venus - you can read my first impressions here.

Thursday June 7

Yesterday, at dawn, I climbed Glastonbury Tor to watch the historic transit of Venus. The forecast was for constant cloud cover. But, miraculously, the sky cleared just at the crucial moment. The world may not yet seem different. But something subtle has changed. People are finding fresh appreciation for familiar situations. Relationships are altering, emotions deepening, hearts strengthening, priorities becoming clear, and possibilities opening up. If you can relate to all or any of the above, the Transit of Venus has begun to work its magic on you and you can expect more such experiences in days to come.

You can read more of my thoughts after watching the Transit of Venus here.

Friday June 8
Watch This Space

I've already had a lot of emails about the Transit of Venus. Some say they saw it and they'll never forget how stunning it seemed. Others want to know what's such a big deal about a tiny black dot passing over the face of the Sun? Letters about the impact of this event are similarly divided. I've heard from people whose lives have already changed dramatically - and from those who feel the whole thing has made no difference. I can only repeat that this historic phenomenon heralded the start of something wonderful. Watch what comes next before judging it.

You can read more of my thoughts about watching the Transit of Venus here.

Saturday June 9
Your Week Ahead

Hot on the heels of last week's Venus transit, we now see Jupiter passing through Gemini for the first time since 2001. It stays in this sign for just over a year, heralding a brighter, more optimistic outlook on life for many people, no matter when they were born. Mercury, meanwhile, has moved into Cancer. While this development lasts only 18 days or so, it also has an influence that spreads far and wide. And later this month, the ongoing 'dance of tension' between Uranus and Pluto will culminate, giving many people at least a brief break from recent worries.

Sunday June 10
Sunday Love Forecasts

Linked from this page every Sunday, you will find the Sunday Love Forecasts. These are not 'week ahead predictions' in the usual sense. Those appear here every Saturday - and can be found, now, from the menu to the left. Week ahead forecasts cover all aspects of your week... including, when relevant, your love life. Love forecasts are only about love! If you're not interested in love at the moment, if you are interested but not unhappy or in need of something, if all your relationships are comfortable and rewarding... there may not be much for you here. But remember, 'Love' doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life!

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