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June 18 2012 to June 24 2012

Monday June 18

Venus is usually either the first bright light of the evening or the shining herald of the dawn. Whenever she appears, the traditional goddess of love is bathed in a shimmering glow of starlight. Though she is often in the sky during the day, she is invisible because sunlight drowns her glow. But earlier this month, thanks to a rare, historic alignment, we saw her briefly, in front of the Sun without her celestial 'make-up'. Watching this, I understood how she's now working on people's hearts and inspiring us to reinvent several basic social 'rules'. More tomorrow.

Tuesday June 19
Venus Reveals Her Agenda

Watching the historic Transit of Venus, I had a kind of mystical experience. I felt I could hear Venus explaining what she's striving to change in the hearts of people everywhere. I realised she's inviting women to take a greater role in the running of the world, urging men in power too, to embrace more 'feminine principles' and respond to the current economic crisis by relaxing some of the rules by which banks and governments conventionally operate. Despite all that has happened recently and is worrying to so many, I have seen a future that's more prosperous and secure.

Wednesday June 20
More Thoughts on Venus

It is only a short while since I woke early to watch the Sun rise during the historic Transit of Venus. Tomorrow, I will be back in a field to witness the Solstice dawn. I often find such moments revelatory and will tell you, soon, about whatever I learn. For now though, more thoughts about that Venus Transit. It will soon inspire millions to build bridges, heal wounds, change attitudes and become more sensitive. And because Venus is as much a planet of wealth as of love, it will also show us new ways to overcome old economic problems

Thursday June 21

Solstice Greetings. By the time you read this I will, I hope, be catching up on my sleep after rising early to greet the dawn on one of the most powerful days in the astrological calendar. Well, I say 'rise early' but often, at times like this, I find myself staying up through the night, joining in with traditional dances, chants and ceremonies. By the time the Sun comes up, I'm either (depending on how you care to look at it) too tired to think straight or just in the right mood to enter a mystic trance of astrological revelation.

Friday June 22
Solstice Changes

Although the actual day of the solstice has been and gone, the Sun is still at its turning point. That sense of things being 'ready to change' will stay with us all weekend. Of course, they don't have to change if we don't want them to change. The cosmos never forces anyone to do anything. It presents opportunities that can be recognised and accepted or ignored and rejected. Yet if you're hoping now, to see some new way to approach an old problem, you'll soon find it surprisingly easy to gain that sense of glorious enlightenment and fresh inspiration.

Saturday June 23
Your Week Ahead

Saturn and Venus have both been retrograde for some while. This week, they both change direction. There's always a distinctly discernible change of atmosphere at times like this. It is as if, instinctively, we sense that the brakes are coming off, the restrictions are lifting and the opportunities are starting to arise once more. Mercury, meanwhile, moves on into a new sector of the sky. This too, can be intepreted as an energy boost for the world. If you're feeling frustrated by recent lack of progress in a key enterprise or endeavour, expect things to move on pleasingly soon.

Sunday June 24
Sunday Love Forecasts

Linked from this page every Sunday, you will find the Sunday Love Forecasts. These are not 'week ahead predictions' in the usual sense. Those appear here every Saturday - and can be found, now, from the menu to the left. Week ahead forecasts cover all aspects of your week... including, when relevant, your love life. Love forecasts are only about love! If you're not interested in love at the moment, if you are interested but not unhappy or in need of something, if all your relationships are comfortable and rewarding... there may not be much for you here. But remember, 'Love' doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life!

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