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July 2 2012 to July 8 2012

Monday July 2
Moving On

The Moon will look glorious tonight. Hearts will beat faster and passions will rise higher for as long as this influence prevails. Over the next few days, that excitement will ebb away but Mars will move into a new sign for the first time this year. That's a cause of longer lasting excitement. Normally, Mars changes signs every two or three months. Many have begun to wonder whether they will ever free themselves from some oppressive circumstances. Soon, even the most pessimistic will be obliged to concede that things are moving on in a new way at last.

Tuesday July 3
Rules of the Right Angles

The Moon is full, Mars is changing signs and the world is still reeling from the first of seven right angles between Pluto and Uranus. This took place on June 24. The next culminates around September 19. There will be two more next year, in May and November. Yet another two will come in April and December of 2014. The last one occurs in March 2015. These are part of the same sequence. Then there won't be another 'square' or right angle till 2073. Before our eyes, the old rules of how the world runs are being rewritten!

Wednesday July 4
A Right-Angled Old Ding-Dong

Yesterday, I gave the six further dates between now and 2015 when Uranus will form an exact right angle to Pluto. These are best thought of as hammers, hitting a large bell. To understand what changes they are likely to ring, we should consider what happened last time these two celestial bodies formed a similar angle. The bell tolled five times between 1932 and 1934 but the hammer first came within striking distance of the bell in 1930. This time it reached the same trigger point in 2008. More tomorrow, about what these dates may be saying to us.

Thursday July 5
Rocks Around the Clock

The alignments of Pluto and Uranus can be thought of as heavenly bells, rung to signify times of important change. They are more like the bells on some great clock (like Big Ben) than in the belfry of a church. Such bells strike on the hour plus the quarter and half hours. At 12 o'clock, the hands are together (in conjunction). Shortly after 12.30, they are opposite each other. Around the quarter hours, they are at right angles. Pluto and Uranus are our 'hands'. Instead of taking an hour to form those angles, they take more than 100 years.

Friday July 6
Quart Short

Pluto and Uranus are like hands on a cosmic clock. When they form a right angle, those hands are saying we've reached the 'quarter hour' in a heavenly cycle, lasting over 100 years. On Wednesday, I explained that we last 'heard' the bells of a quarter hour pealing between 1932 and 1934. If you know your history, you may have found that worrying. Wasn't this when the great depression was at its worst and Hitler took power? It was. But that was the 'quarter PAST'. This is the 'quarter TO'. As I'll explain next week, it portends something very different.

Saturday July 7
Your Week Ahead

Are you yearning for a big change? No matter what sign you were born under, there's a good chance you're feeling that way now. But it probably won't happen this very week! Uranus, the planet that governs revolution and innovation is starting a retrograde phase that will last for many months. That doesn't mean nothing can alter. If something really needs to happen, it still can. But if there's a better, as yet unseen, way to get a result... it will insist on showing itself and somehow, we will be made to wait until we can see it!

Sunday July 8
Sunday Love Forecasts

Linked from this page every Sunday, you will find the Sunday Love Forecasts. These are not 'week ahead predictions' in the usual sense. Those appear here every Saturday - and can be found, now, from the menu to the left. Week ahead forecasts cover all aspects of your week... including, when relevant, your love life. Love forecasts are only about love! If you're not interested in love at the moment, if you are interested but not unhappy or in need of something, if all your relationships are comfortable and rewarding... there may not be much for you here. But remember, 'Love' doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life!

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