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August 27 2012 to September 2 2012

Monday August 27
Neil Armstrong (August 5th, 1930 - August 25th, 2012)

"The important achievement of Apollo was demonstrating that humanity is not forever chained to this planet and our visions go rather further than that and our opportunities are unlimited."

Cryptic Cross Words

Recently, I made a prediction about some anti-establishment figures who are currently in the news. I have received many furious letters. How dare I suggest that such individuals may attain folk hero status? But I wasn't trying to take anyone's side of an argument. I just wanted to illustrate a social trend that we'll see more of in the next few years. The older I get, the more I understand why Nostradamus used a hybrid language to form cryptic verses when issuing his most powerful prophecies. The fewer people who understood him, the fewer people he could anger!

Tuesday August 28
Schtums the Word

Astrologers soon learn to be careful when making predictions. None of us likes to hear a statement about the future if it contradicts a hope or belief. It is for this reason that I long since stopped forecasting the outcomes of football matches... or elections. The supporters of the losing teams or candidates could never accept such prophecies. They'd simply interpret them as a gesture of support for the other side and would be angry with me for appearing to undermine them.' Yet, ironically, I am ethically bound never to comment on matters that I hold strong views about.

Wednesday August 29
Blue Moon Surprise

Although the Moon will not be officially full till Friday, it is already looking impressive. This is the second full moon of the month. The first was back at the beginning of August. Some people say that when you get two full moons like this, in one calendar month, the second should be called a 'blue moon.' The expectation is that, under such circumstances, many rare and unusual events can take place. I don't personally subscribe to this belief... but I can see several other astrological reasons why many of us can soon look forward to some wonderful surprises.

Thursday August 30
Pyramid Overselling

When I was a student astrologer, charts had to be cast by hand. We did the maths, consulted tables, plotted positions and drew out horoscope wheels with pen and ink. Then, along came computers. Though I eagerly embraced that technology, I rather fear that these days, too much happens too quickly. Still, in an effort to remain modern, I maintain a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Such places are now buzzing with tales of a triple planetary alignment this December, over the pyramids, allegedly unmatched by anything in the last 2,700 years. Sadly this is a classic internet exaggeration.

Friday August 31
Blue Moon

The second full moon in a calendar month is called a Blue Moon. After this, we won't have another till 2015. Is there something you've been hoping for, even if it seems unlikely? Remember, tonight, even the most far-fetched possibilities can come true once in a Blue Moon! Meanwhile, in memory of Neil Armstrong, here's a question I am often asked: Does the Moon have a different influence on us now we have walked on it? Well, traditionally, the Moon governs people's emotions. Arguably, since the late Sixties, people worldwide have become less afraid of their feelings!

Saturday September 1
Your September Monthly Forecast

Uranus and Pluto are engaged in a long, complex 'square dance'. It has them forming right angles, then slipping out of alignment, seven times between 2012 and 2015. The song they're making us move to is all about the collapse of established beliefs and traditional institutions. Hence the economic upheaval we've seen worldwide and hence, too, the reason that some folk fear the changes we're seeing are happening too fast and will cause too many to fall over. But this month brings the second of the seven 'squares'. Above the sound of devilish fiddling, heavenly healing harps can be heard.

Sunday September 2
Sunday Love Forecasts

Linked from this page every Sunday, you will find the Sunday Love Forecasts. These are not 'week ahead predictions' in the usual sense. Those appear here every Saturday - and can be found, now, from the menu to the left. Week ahead forecasts cover all aspects of your week... including, when relevant, your love life. Love forecasts are only about love! If you're not interested in love at the moment, if you are interested but not unhappy or in need of something, if all your relationships are comfortable and rewarding... there may not be much for you here. But remember, 'Love' doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life!

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