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September 3 2012 to September 9 2012

Monday September 3

Hi Jonathan,
I notice that British Olympians Steve Redgrave, Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Mo Farah all share the same birthday, March 23. As an Aries myself, I want to ask is there any significance in this date; perhaps still close to Pisces but strongly into Aries? Eve

Hi Eve,
Well, we would certainly expect many Aries people to make good Olympians but there's nothing particularly significant about March 23. An Aries is an Aries, no matter how close to the beginning or the end of that zodiac sign the Sun was on the day that they were born.

Tuesday September 4
Lipstick Service

Hello Jonathan,
We have started a movement called Passion For Peace. We're planning a global event on October 30 and are encouraging everyone (men, women and children) to wear red lipstick. This project is inspired by Syrian-born academic artist Andreas Al Chreiki. We want to help bring peace to the world and relief to those who are suffering in Syria. Please help spread the word. Love and peace. Louise

Hello Louise,
Love and peace to you too. But unless you can guarantee that it will actually cause swords to turn into ploughshares... I'm not going to wear lipstick!

Wednesday September 5
Happy Endings

Dear Jonathan,
Thirteen months ago, my boyfriend passed away (very young, and sudden) I am still finding it difficult to accept and move forward, though I try every day. I haven't had much luck with an open heart. When will my sad story turn into a fairytale? Claire

Dear Claire,
An open heart is the most important thing a person can ever have and at times of bereavement, stress or sorrow, it is even more essential to let your heart stay open. In my experience as an astrologer, our sad stories ARE our fairytales. Yours will yet have a happy ending.

Thursday September 6
Out of Mind

Hello Jonathan,
Neil Armstrong showed us all that we needn't be chained to earth forever. Don't you (sometimes) wish you could escape from this planet? Francine

Hello Francine,
I'm not sure how can any of us ever really feel that we are 'chained to this earth' when our time here is so brief and so precious? I don't think it is Planet Earth that I want to escape from but I'd love to get further away from the part of my own mind that sometimes forgets how glorious this world is and keeps reducing the magical to the mundane!

Friday September 7
App Apreciation

Dear Jonathan,
You recently wrote about the difference between casting a horoscope by hand and using a computer. Maybe the slow, manual process stimulates meditation, helping the astrologer become a better forecaster. I wonder about the opportunities for contemplation that we are losing because of technological advances. Deep thought requires time! Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,
Meditation is, indeed, an essential part of any mystical process. But then, how amazing that I can now get an app for my phone that tells me where all the planets ever were or will be... and even reveals exactly where they are right now!

Saturday September 8
Your Week Ahead

The second of the seven Uranus/Pluto squares won't become exact until next week but as this event involves very slow-moving planets, we can consider it 'live' right now. This set of rare alignments began in June. They continue till 2015. They are best thought of as 'bells' being sounded; wake up calls to all of humantiy. If you've been trying to ignore something important or deny a fact that needs facing, you may well find that soon, you have to get to grips with it. But this is, nonetheless, a herald of extremely positive, much-needed change.

Sunday September 9
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