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September 10 2012 to September 16 2012

Monday September 10
President Someone

I see that Mercury is due to be retrograde on November 6, the day of the US election. The talk on the internet is that the last time this happened was the 2000 election that ended up with the Florida ballot issue and a final decision in the Supreme Court between Bush and Gore. What do you foresee happening this time? Dave

Dear Dave,
Mercury won't actually be retrograde on the day of the election. It will be stationary. I shall keep discreetly quiet about who I expect to win. But I predict the outcome will be unequivocal.

Tuesday September 11
Less is More

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent forecast, you used the phrase 'less is more' and described it as an Americanism. Actually, it is attributed to the German architect Mies van der Rohe. His philosophy was that simplicity of design led to a more beautiful aesthetic. Ermina

Dear Jonathan,
Some while ago you said, 'I don't suppose anyone who works for NASA practises astrology...' Don't be so sure. The public library nearest their Florida centre has more books on astrology than a new age store. Anthony

Dear Ermina, Anthony and all who write in sometimes to set me straight..
Thank you!

Wednesday September 12

Dear Jonathan,
There is no way that man has ever landed on the moon. I have included a list of important factors to back up my assertion. Ray

Dear Ray,
You have, indeed, sent a long list of 'reasons' why the Moon landing 'must have been fake.' I also receive regular letters from people who insist that the tragedy of September 11, 2001 was an 'inside job' by the US Government. I remain open-minded about all of life's 'unanswered questions'. But I also think that sometimes, when we search for conspiracies, they become almost suspiciously easy to find!

Thursday September 13
Spring and Fall

In March and September every year, we arrive at the 'equinox' when days and nights are of equal length. Traditionally, at the 'spring equinox', people experience an urge to clear out clutter, make their personal lives less messy and embrace new regimes and routines. The 'fall' or 'autumn' equinox is more a time for getting organised in preparation for the colder months. The 'mood' is similar in essence but we relate to that mood differently depending on the season. And that season differs according to where we are! Currently in the Southern Hemisphere, a most beautiful springtime is beginning.

Friday September 14
On the Side of the Dark Moon

Your diary or calendar will tell you that we are due a New Moon this weekend. It might be more accurate to say there will be a 'Dark Moon'. When you and I use the phrase 'New Moon' we usually mean the sliver of light that comes after the Moon has vanished and begun to reappear. That comes a night or so later. But the 'Dark of The Moon' is a short and famously mystical phase, when psychics grow more sensitive, poets become more inspired and those with deep, powerful feelings grow more in tune with their hearts!

Saturday September 15
Your Week Ahead

This week's powerful alignment of Uranus and Pluto becomes the second in a series of seven celestial right angles that ring out like a giant heavenly bell between 2012-2015. This is our cosmic wake-up call; our reminder to stop dreamily believing that all is fine and start fighting for all that we need to protect and promote. Remember the old saying, 'the early bird catches the worm.' If, this week, you start doing what you have long said that one day you will do... then, no matter what sign you are, you'll make the most amazing progress.

Sunday September 16
Sunday Love Forecasts

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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