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October 1 2012 to October 7 2012

Monday October 1
Pot Luck

Hi there Jonathan,
This is the last year until 2101 where the written date will consist of 'same numbers'. Once a year, every year, since 2001 I have noticed people wondering if these 'same number' dates have a meaning. So what about 12.12.12? Katie.

Hi there Katie,
I always feel awkward when I have to answer a question like this. What right do I have, as an astrologer, to dismiss the apparently related activity of divination through 'date numerology'? It's going to sound like the pot criticising the kettle! Let's just say, I don't personally see it as important!

Tuesday October 2
Comet Trailer

There's a comet coming! A big, bright one. It won't do damage. It won't come anywhere nearly close enough to have the slightest physical impact on Earth. But it will have a psychological effect on us all. Night after night, towards the end of 2013, this stunning omen of change is due to be as compelling as the Full Moon. This is breaking news. The official calculations have only just been made and, as with all such discoveries, there is a slight chance that it won't be quite so spectacular. But I've got a feeling about this one!

Wednesday October 3
Unusual Flare

Why is astrology a time-honoured tool for making predictions? Because it involves one of life's few fully predictable factors. We can say with absolute certainty where Venus, Mars or the Moon will be on any date at any time in the future. The sky runs like clockwork. We can draw conclusions about what's going on just by looking at where the planets were, are or will be. There's only one cosmic factor we can't anticipate so easily. The appearance of a comet! These truly are 'bolts from the blue'. And there's a big one due next year.

Thursday October 4
Comet Tale

Next year's 'big comet' will carry the name of the International Scientific Optical Network who discovered it. They are attempting to play down expectations, lest comet ISON doesn't turn out to be 'brighter than the moon' as preliminary calculations suggest. Last week, I spoke in depth to various psychics and mystics about its meaning and the most appropriate nickname we might give it. Soon, I'll tell you what we concluded. For now, just one thought. It is scheduled to be most spectacular between November 2013 and January 2014. Which might entitle us to consider it a 'Christmas Comet!

Friday October 5
NIckname that Comet

In just over a year, we may start to see an impressive comet in the sky each night. Though some such objects are 'cyclical', this 2013 'Christmas Comet' is new. I've recently been asking mystics and psychic explorers what they feel it might mean. Several have suggested names like Pandora, Excalibur and Allat. Given its arrival in the middle of a sequence of seven squares between Pluto and Uranus, most feel we can expect the comet to raise awareness, promote healing, foster hope, inspire a quest for peace and help us wake up to the potential for higher consciousness.

Saturday October 6
Your Week Ahead

Saturn now returns to a sector of the sky that it has not occupied since the early 1980s. Jupiter, meanwhile, begins a retrograde phase. That speaks of people, all over the world, reconsidering their limits, boundaries and restrictions. It implies the need for a review of personal ethics and moral principles. It also suggests that wherever there's lately been a lack of integrity, there's now a chance to introduce adjustments that involve greater honesty and allow for making amends for previous injustices. This is likely to be a slow process. But many profound personal journeys begin this week.

Sunday October 7
Week Ahead - Love Focus

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