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October 8 2012 to October 14 2012

Monday October 8
Comet of Hope

Last week I had much to say about the Comet Of Hope, which is due to brighten our skies so dramatically towards Christmas 2013. Just to be clear, I DID say 2013. I know that's a long way off but this is a big, exciting event, powerful enough to affect the influence of the current set of seven squares between Pluto and Uranus. I think it may yet do a lot to mitigate the potentially undesirable side-effects of this alignment, bringing an economic upturn and a reduction in international tension much sooner than might otherwise have been expected.

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Tuesday October 9
Comet Ahoy!

Did I mention that there's a comet coming? In answer to several recent questions, I must stress that it is not a threat to the Earth and it is not the mythical Planet X or Nibiru much loved by internet conspiracy theorists! It is not due to light up our skies till this time next year so it is not yet having an impact on anyone's astrological outlook. But here's what else it is not. It's not something I can ignore! The possibility of us all witnessing such a historic portent fills me with hope for positive global change.

Wednesday October 10
Death, Taxes and Planetary Axes

'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.' So said Benjamin Franklin. He, by the way, was a Capricorn and it is never wise to argue with people born under this sign. But I have to say that these are not the only certainties. We can also be certain of where we will find Venus in the sky days, months or indeed centuries from now. The same is true of all the planets plus the Sun and Moon. Astrologers feel able to make predictions because they study celestial bodies that follow predictable patterns!

Thursday October 11
Maverick Comet

We can say, with certainty, exactly where all the different moving lights in our solar system will appear in the sky, on any given day for the next few thousand years. So, astrologers are theoretically able to make very long-range predictions. But we can't be so sure of comets so far in advance. A few (like Halley's Comet) come and go at regular intervals. Others appear almost from nowhere and either disintegrate as they approach the Sun... or shoot off, never to return. next year's Comet of Peace, also known as ISON C2012/1, is one of those fascinating mavericks!

Friday October 12
Once, Twice, Three Times a Flamey

Next week, I intend to stop writing about the big comet that's due at the end of 2013 and return to matters more immediate. Or at least, I am going to try! The thought of a sign in the sky that's brighter than the Moon, visible by day and more impressive than anyone alive has ever seen is difficult to ignore! So, for my last word on this topic for now, here's a question several people have recently asked. Is C2012/1 ISON the Comet of Hope, The Comet of Peace or the Christmas Comet? My answer? All three!

Saturday October 13
Your Week Ahead

With Saturn and Mars now settling into new sectors of the sky while Jupiter slowly retraces its steps, the world is full of people who are rethinking plans and priorities. If you're not sure what to do about an important matter, hold tight. You're nearer than you think to a clearer insight based on better information and a fresh perspective. And don't be worried, lest others are upset or offended by the news that you are starting to see things differently. You may well find a willingness to negotiate, even in those who seem to be defending fixed positions.

Sunday October 14
Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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