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October 15 2012 to October 21 2012

Monday October 15
No Moon

Your diary or calendar will tell you that today is the day of the New Moon. What it actually means is the day of the No Moon. The term, New Moon, to most people, means that tiny little toenail of light that reappears each month, shortly after the Moon has vanished from view. We won't see that for a night or two more. We're at the vanishing point now and, as regular readers will know, that means we're in the mystical Dark Of The Moon. It's a great time for creative brainstorming and/or refining your 'psychic powers'.

Tuesday October 16
A Big Bird Will Tell You

I keep being asked if I am going to predict the outcome of the US presidential election. I keep replying that if I do, I will upset all those who want the other guy to win. They won't interpret my words as an objective, professional analysis of astrological influences. Even when events prove me right, they'll be livid with me for appearing to support their enemy. So either I must give a coded answer or put it in a sealed envelope and give it to Big Bird for safekeeping. Hmmm. I know that, four years from now, he'll still be here!

Wednesday October 17
Clear Winner

I have, I think, already said enough about the US election. So I shall now just repeat what I said some while ago. Websites round the world are buzzing with excitement because Mercury will be retrograde on the day, just as it was when we had the drama with the 'hanging chads' and for a nail-biting while, the election hung in the balance between Bush and Gore. While this was, indeed, a classic Mercury Retrograde phenomenon, I don't agree with those astrologers who foresee a repeat of it. This time, there will be no doubt about the winner.

Thursday October 18
Jumping to Conclusions

Last weekend, we watched a man rise to fame as he fell to earth. Ever since, astrologers have been puzzling over the horoscope of Felix Baumgartner. Though we know he was born in Salzburg on April 20, 1969, his time of birth is not yet a matter of public record. On the morning of that day, the Sun moved from Aries to Taurus. While his bravery suggests Aries, a later birth time would give him an exact opposition between the Moon in Gemini and Mars in Sagittarius. While this would make him a more cautious Taurean, nothing else in the language of astrology says 'calculated risk' quite so clearly.

Friday October 19
The Speed of the Sound of a Taurean

A little more today, about Felix Baumgartner, the man who fell to Earth. I'm sure that soon, an astrologer will ask him the crucial question, 'What time of day were you born?' Until then we can only guess whether Felix (born April 20, 1969) is Aries or Taurus. The Sun moved from one sign to the other in the morning of that day. Whilst a 'daredevil streak' is an Aries trait, he stubbornly refused to unleash a parachute and stabilise his spin lest he missed his chance to pass the speed of sound. That sounds very Taurean to me!

Saturday October 20
Your Week Ahead

The annual conjunction of the Sun and Saturn happens this week. This doesn't take place on the same day each year. Though the Sun takes a year to go round the zodiac, Saturn takes about 28 years, covering just under half a sign per year. So each time the Sun gets back to where Saturn was last year, it has to travel further to catch it up. Saturn/Sun conjunctions, by the way, are all about facing facts... like, for example, the fact that actually the Sun doesn't go round the zodiac at all. WE travel around IT!

Sunday October 21

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