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October 22 2012 to October 28 2012

Monday October 22
Acculate Forecasts

Last month, on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne, I found myself sitting next to a lady who, it turned out, was a regular reader of this column. 'Your forecasts are very accurate in one way,' she told me, 'but they're late! You're always telling me about things that have just happened.' As she was a Gemini, I mentioned this in the Gemini forecast to see if other people of this sign felt the same way. Tomorrow, I'll share some of the replies. Meanwhile, a question. Does anyone else, of any other sign, tend to experience this phenomenon too?

Tuesday October 23
Sooner or Later

As I mentioned yesterday, I've now heard from several Geminis who feel that my forecasts are sometimes 'late'; commenting on things that have just happened rather than alerting them to things that are about to occur. Of the letters received so far, about 50 per cent feel the timing could be improved. I'm working on it! Meanwhile I like the letter from Stephanie who wrote, 'I've noticed that when I'm feeling open, sensitive, and aware, I feel the effects of the astral alignments a few days before your predictions. However, when I'm stressed and overworked your predictions come "on time".'

Wednesday October 24
Late Fate

Dear Jonathan,
You asked Geminis to tell you if they felt your predictions were 'late'. I'm a Gemini and it seems that way sometimes but I live in a different time zone, so I usually allow for that. Or maybe the Earth just turns faster for Geminis! Natalia

Dear Natalia,
I work hard to make sure the daily forecasts allow for time zone changes. In theory, they should work all over the world. I'm also extending a request for similar feedback to everyone of every sign. I'm keen to discover if it is just Geminis who are experiencing this.

Thursday October 25
Perfect Timing

You've asked for comments about the timing of your horoscopes after some other readers commented on the subject. I've known some of your horoscopes to be exactly spot on, others to be months out of sync. I've concluded that some things are meant to be and other things might be, but when they involve others, a degree of timing is required - and if some other event is late or early then what? Or is it because Geminians live life at such a rush that sometimes they have to go back over things to make sure they happen? Duncan

Friday October 26
Receiving an Oscar

My nephew, Oscar, has been studying astrology for several years. He has taken a special interest in the issue we've been discussing here all week involving the timing of Gemini predictions. As he's also been asking me to show him how I write these forecasts, this seemed an ideal chance to get him more closely involved. Together, we're exploring several possible ways to refine the technique. Some are 'logical', others are more 'mystical'. I'll tell you more soon about what we've tried and whether it seems to be working. I'll also formally introduce you to my new 'apprentice'.

Saturday October 27
Your Week Ahead

The most provocative astrological influence at the moment is the opposition of Mars and Jupiter. Although the intensity fades over the coming week, many will continue to feel a little edgy and excitable for the next few days. If you seem to be surrounded by people with arrogant opinions, unreasonably powerful passions or an almost overwhelmingly pompous sense of moral superiority, check yourself, just in case you're guilty of some of this yourself! And remember the best way to survive a situation where people are taking themselves too seriously... is to hang on to a naughty sense of humour.

Sunday October 28
Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A Love Forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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