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October 29 2012 to November 4 2012

Monday October 29
Bull Moon

A powerful Full Moon in Taurus suggests drama for those born under the Bull and challenge for Scorpios (because the Sun now opposes the Moon from that sign). Tradition tells us that the Sun is the ruler of Leo and the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Leos and Cancerians are thus considered to be especially sensitive to the impact of every Full Moon, with Leos feeling potentially powerful and Cancerians tending to suspect that too much is being expected of them. But no matter what sign you are, you'll find this a very powerful and potentially most positive week.

Tuesday October 30
Quick Bite

Dear Jonathan,
I'm a Libran. Recently you told me that Saturn leaving my sign would 'take the pressure off'. That's an understatement. I had begun to feel so stressed I started chewing my nails. Since Saturn left, I've stopped. I notice that the British Prime Minister is a Libran too. I wonder if he has felt the same sense of relief? Diane

Dear Diane,
I know the previous Prime Minister was a nail biter. I don't think David Cameron has ever had that habit. But how interesting that Saturn's departure from Libra should coincide with Britain's emergence from recession!

Wednesday October 31
Spookily Accurate

Tomorrow, November 1st, is 'All Saint's Day.' Over time, the night before this Christian acknowledgement of all things 'hallowed' became known as 'The Eve of All Hallows'. So why do we associate Hallowe'en with spooks and spectres? Probably because for countless centuries, people have lit the fires of Samhain around this point in the year. The ancient 'pagan' festival of Samhain celebrates the spirits of the ancestors. It would not have always been held on October 31st. It would have followed the Full Moon. But as the Full Moon has only just passed, tonight may still prove pretty spooky!

Thursday November 1
Close Call

November soon brings us to the last of this years 'Mercury Retrograde' phases. On the day of the US election, Mercury will be officially 'stationary', just prior to its change of direction. Many of my fellow astrologers are concerned about a repeat of the 'Hanging Chad' dramas that we saw back in 2000, when for a while, the contest seemed too close to call. Mercury was in a similar state then, too. But, as I said some while ago I don't expect history will repeat itself in quite the same way. This time round, the extraordinary intervention appears to have come from Hurricane Sandy.

Friday November 2
Close to the Edge

Dear Jonathan,
I was born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini so I always read your predictions for both signs. I find that one is usually right! Should I stop doing this? Carol

Dear Carol,
I'm not sure I should say 'stop'. It's a free world after all.. and it probably won't harm your health. But, since you ask, I think the concept of cusps involves 'fuzzy boundaries'. Should, for example, citizens of Toronto consider themselves 'less Canadian' because their city lies close to the edge of the USA? I write just one forecast, per sign, per person, per day!

If, like Carol, you think you were 'born on the cusp', you can find what sign you really are here.

Saturday November 3
Your November Monthly Forecast

November's stunning solar eclipse will be beautiful for those who get a chance to witness it and life-changing, even for those who don't notice it happening. It symbolises a chance for us all to make a break with the past. It may also represent a 'near miss' moment - where suddenly, we realise how much someone or something means to us - and how lost we'd be if a change took place. Moments later, we discover, at the last moment, that a change we feared that we had no choice but to accept may not have to happen after all.

Sunday November 4
Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A Love Forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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