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November 5 2012 to November 11 2012

Monday November 5
Supercharge Me

Dear Jonathan,
Three enormous events are due tomorrow; the Melbourne cup, the Oz Lotto (with $100 million first prize) and the American election, is there any special reason why this particular day is so supercharged? Mark

Dear Mark,
As your letter neatly demonstrates, enormity is often a matter of perspective and geography! To me, a 'supercharged day' is any day on which hearts can be touched, spirits can be lifted and understandings can be deepened. Though I'm not personally expecting to win the Lotto, the Cup or the election, I'm still very hopeful that this can yet occur.

Tuesday November 6
Tough Time

Mercury changes direction today. It's a challenging time for anyone in the business of communication, explanation, negotiation, transportation... and calculation! That's why so many of my fellow astrologers are concerned about the outcome of today's US election. They point out that the last time it happened under a retrograde Mercury, the outcome hung in the balance for weeks. The polls suggest we've once again got candidates running neck and neck... but I'm still not so sure that this will delay the outcome. It looks more, to me, as if whoever wins, they'll find the next few years tough going!

Wednesday November 7
President Prediction

My job as an astrologer is not to mind who wins... because if I care, it will get in the way of me being able to objectively 'call' the outcome. Then I have to be careful not to shout my prediction too loudly lest it upsets all the folk who so badly want it to go the other way. So er... what can I say? "Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!" would be entirely inappropriate wouldn't it? (Oh and maybe an extra whoop for promising a decisive outcome despite all those other astrologers insisting that a retrograde Mercury would mean a repeat of something like the hanging chad debacle.)

Thursday November 8
Cainer Style

Park Jae-sang was born in Gangnam, Korea, on December 31, 1977. He says he stayed up late for many nights, considering the best moves to use in his dance video. Only a Capricorn could take an exercise in frivolity so seriously! I'm embarrassed to confess that I had never heard of him, or his alter ego, PSY, or his song, Gangnam Style, until my 11-year-old daughter introduced them all to me last week. I now feel strangely able to predict that soon, there won't be anyone left on Earth still able to live in such ignorance!

Friday November 9
Question Time

Dear Jonathan, I feel the world is facing a chance to right wrongs before 'the end'. Karen

Dear Karen, I'm with you on the 'chance to right wrongs' but, I promise, 'the end' is not nigh.

Hi Jonathan, Was the 'Sandy Superstorm 'a preview of the December 21st, end of the world prophecy? Tina

Dear Tina, Please see my previous answer.

Hi Jonathan, I'm a Taurean. When I meditate every day I don't have the problems and issues you mention in your forecasts. When I don't meditate, your forecasts are extremely accurate! Daniela

Hi Daniela, Meditation! It's good stuff!

Saturday November 10
Your Week Ahead

It is possible to have your life changed by a Solar Eclipse without seeing it or even being in a place from which it can be seen. And it is impossible to witness one without having your life changed forever. That's why a growing community of 'eclipse chasers' follow these amazing events around the globe. This week, they'll head for Auckland, New Zealand or Cairns, Australia. Some will even go as far as Norfolk Island for a longer, fuller immersion. As for the rest of us, life brings the chance to wipe a slate clean and start again.

Sunday November 11
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A Love Forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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