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November 12 2012 to November 18 2012

Monday November 12
Exceptionally Normal

Hi Jonathan,
There's a new moon due this week and a solar eclipse too. Is it unusual to have a new moon and an eclipse on the same day? Ann

Hi Ann,
A solar eclipse can only ever happen when the moon is new! But thank you for your question because it illustrates what, to me, is a very important point. Sometimes, people with keen esoteric interests have a tendency to read too much meaning into signs events and coincidences. But if we don't first develop a proper understanding of what's normal, how can we usefully interpret something exceptional?

Tuesday November 13
Witness Statement

Though I've mentioned the eclipse in every forecast today, I'm aware that most readers won't be able to see it. There will even be some in South America, New Zealand or Northern Australia who sleep through it or who don't look out of the window long enough to notice it happening. Events like this had much more impact in the days before electric lighting. But an eclipse is always powerful, regardless of whether you witness it or even whether you are in a place from which it can be witnessed. I'll talk more, tomorrow, about what such events mean.

Wednesday November 14
Cleaning the Sun

Watching a solar eclipse is like watching the Sun being washed clean! A cloth comes slowly over it, blots it out then moves away, allowing the light to return in all its glory. I should hastily add that this is what it looks like when you use special glasses. If you haven't got those, don't even think about viewing it. To me, that washcloth symbolism most suits the meaning of an eclipse. In different ways for different people, it heralds a moment when something is about to vanish, then return 'clean' where before it was somehow messy or dirty.

Thursday November 15
Progress Report

Hi Jonathan,
I have been studying astrology and have heard about 'chart progressions'. Is it true that a person's sign changes three times throughout their lives? Kat

Hi Kat,
It depends on the astrological techniques that you choose to use. 'Progressions' were popular in the Middle East from the 14th century onwards. In many modern classes and courses, students are still taught to subject horoscopes to these highly hypothetical mathematical tweaks. I was doubtful from the moment I first encountered them but I experimented sincerely with an open mind. For some astrologers, apparently, they work. For me, they don't!

Friday November 16
Ginger Cake

Hi Jonathan,
In a recent forecast you said that if you mix all the crayons in the crayoning box, you'd just end up with brown. To me, that suggested that all actions lead to the same result. If that were true, I could stay home and eat ginger cake all day! Scarlett

Hi Scarlett,
I feel rather misunderstood here. I was just remembering being five and putting one coloured crayon line on top of another, excitedly thinking I was about to blend the most exciting colour ever. But brown was all I got! Now, please, put that ginger cake away!

Saturday November 17
Your Week Ahead

Mars takes about two years to complete one cycle of the zodiac. On average, it spends about 2 months in each sign. This though, is an average. Due to the phenomenon of retrograde motion, it can sometimes linger longer. As if to compensate for this, Mars is now seemingly hurtling along. It enters yet another new sector of the sky this week and, no matter what sign you are, you'll notice the change of pace. It should soon become much easier for all of us to form constructive plans and achieve practical goals.

Sunday November 18
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A Love Forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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