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November 19 2012 to November 25 2012

Monday November 19

Hi Jonathan,
I recently had an amazing opportunity to visit Chichen Itza, one of the largest ruined ancient Mayan cities. Our guide told us that on December 21, 2012 at exactly 11:11am the Milky Way would be closer to the centre of our universe than it ever gets, and all the planets will be in a straight line with the Sun. What do you know of this? Mary

Dear Mary,
I've been to Chichen Itza too. It is indeed amazing. But your tour guide's astronomy is all wrong! I'll say much more about this between now and December 21.

Tuesday November 20
Getting it Right!

You recently predicted a long confused dispute over the US election results. Looking back, what do you think you could have interpreted differently? Kaitki.
Kaitki, What I said was that OTHER astrologers were expecting this. I always insisted the outcome would be clear.

Hi Jonathan,
Four years ago at this time you predicted that whoever became the next US president, it would be for only one term. What happened? Mari
Dear Mari, I've had several letters like these lately, in which people have confused my own predictions with statements made by other astrologers. It must be Mercury retrograde!

Wednesday November 21
Animal Magic

Hi Jonathan,
Recently, in the news, there have been several stories about animals that have learnt to speak; first a Beluga whale that stunned divers when he mimicked human sounds, now an elephant that is believed to be able to speak Korean. I have long believed that animals are far more intelligent and conscious than we give them credit for, but these stories have made me wonder. Are we entering into a new phase where we have to reassess what we (and indeed, science) thought was the reality? Are animals trying to make themselves heard? Julia

Dear Julia,

Thursday November 22

Hi Jonathan, With the recent developments in the Middle East, I find the current conjunction between Mars and Pluto a little disturbing. What are your thoughts on this? Robert Hi Robert, Mars/Pluto conjunctions occur once every couple of years and they invariably coincide with the escalation of conflict. But they also serve to remind us that there are simply no circumstances under which violence is ever acceptable or excusable between people or nations, no matter what justifications are proffered. Gradually, over the coming years, more individuals will see the futility of indulging anger. And that gives me hope!

Friday November 23
Wacky Prophecies

Dear Jonathan,
Is it true that the world has reached the end of a 26,000-year cycle as well as the end of the Mayan calendar? Angela

Dear Angela,
It isn't! Nor can we expect the poles to shift, the Earth to start spinning in the opposite direction, a mega-planet to appear in the sky soon, or beings who dwell in the rings of Saturn to descend to Earth and encourage warfare. But I have heard all the above being dramatically announced recently. Perhaps we should start a contest for the wackiest prophecy regarding the end of 2012? Click here to email yours.

Saturday November 24
Your Week Ahead

This week, just as the Moon becomes full, Mercury reaches the end of its recent retrograde phase, restoring clarity to confused situations. Meanwhile, Mars forms a powerful conjunction to Pluto. We usually associate this with the release of 'pent-up energy'. But, in the two years since this last happened, Pluto and Uranus have begun the series of seven squares that lasts till 2015. Mars encourages them to repeat their 'wake-up' call to the world, producing revelations that make us wonder, 'How much of the past can we be proud of?' and 'What future do we really want?'

Sunday November 25
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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