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November 26 2012 to December 2 2012

Monday November 26
Truth of the Tail

Hiya Jonathan,
I have just had my 60th birthday. I was born in the year of the water dragon and in western astrology, I'm a Scorpion. Am I anything cuddly or loveable in any of the world's horoscope systems? Lynne

Dear Lynne,
People born under Scorpio are, often as not, extremely cuddly once you get to know them and it's certainly not like anyone is saying that back in 1952, the only people who came to the earth were unloveable! It's time we all started to look at our signs in a rather different way. I'll explain more tomorrow.

Tuesday November 27
A Merry Old Soul

Dear Jonathan,
Is there a way to tell if someone is an 'old soul' from their astrological chart? Ian

Dear Ian,
Well, not really! But it does beg the question: what do we mean by 'old soul'? Isn't the soul supposed to be endless and eternal? If it has no beginning and it has no end, it is surely beyond every notion of time that you and I can possibly relate to. So how can a soul be young or old? Indeed, how can it have an age at all?

Wednesday November 28
Watch Cat

Dear Jonathan,
You recently featured a letter about a Beluga whale that mimicks human sounds and an elephant that speaks Korean. I once had a cat that could say my name. She could also tell the time so well that I seldom relied on the alarm clock. I would ask her to get me up at a quarter to seven - and minutes before, she would gently paw at my cheek until I woke up. Years later I had another cat that could do the same with time. Sally

Dear Sally,
Thank you for that. Anyone else got similar stories?

Thursday November 29
In Perspective

Say Jonathan, How should we prepare for the changes due as a result of the ending of the Mayan calendar and all? Will we have time to grab anything? Gemini

Dear Jonathan, I keep hearing that at the end of 2012 the planets will form a straight line. Is this true? And what does it mean for our horoscopes? Chenoa

Dear Gemini and Chenoa, I've selected your letters from a mailbag that is overflowing with people's concerns about what the end of December may bring. As I've already said many times, there is no exceptional alignment. Nothing will happen!

Friday November 30
More Wacky Prophecies

Dear Jonathan, I prophesy that on December 21, 2012, as the Mayan Calendar ends, fruit jelly will rain down from outer space. The ants will eat it and grow to super proportions. This in turn will force us underground so we and the ants will change places. Corinna

Dear Jonathan, There will be an instance of eternity where people will fly off into the fifth dimension. Ron

Hi Jonathan, I, like many others, believe that Michael Jackson faked his death. There is substantial evidence that he will return on Dec 21 at 11.11 am. Or it might be pm. Stephen

Saturday December 1
Your December Monthly Forecast

Many people fear the world will end when the Mayan calendar comes to an end on or around December 22. I really don't think this need spoil anybody's Christmas but I have some empathy with those who believe that the occasion will be marked by a global transformation of attitudes. Uranus, planet of amazing scientific advances, turned retrograde in July, shortly after the world's physicists confirmed the existence of the Higgs boson. It changes direction once more in December. As it does, we'll hear impressive announcements about how many impossible things may finally be about to prove possible!

Sunday December 2
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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